With the technology boom, most of our outdoor transactions are now at our fingertips. Gone are the days when we have to run around everywhere to pay the bills. If you think that only credit cards have made financial transactions easier then you need to think again because mobile wallets have even made those transactions to move one step further towards easiness and freedom.

There are many reliable mobile wallets available but when the name of Android gets attached to any wallet then its credibility goes a notch higher. Android Pay is also a good option to store your credit cards, debit cards or loyalty cards etc. If you think that whether Android Pay actually linked with Google Wallet or not, then your thinking is absolutely correct. Android Pay has also been called as Google Wallet now. So let’s get more info on how we can set up this Android Pay on your Android phone.

How to Setup Android Pay on Android Phone

How to Setup Android Pay on Android Phone

These are the simple steps on how you can set up your Android Pay on your Android phone. Read them carefully and then apply.

Step #1. If you already have Android Pay app on your phone then update it from Google Play store and if you don’t have the Android Pay app then download it from here.

Step #2. After the messages regarding great features of Android Pay are passed by move to the floating button and add your new credit, debit or loyalty card.

Note: If you are using a new phone but already used Android Pay in past then your new phone’s Android Pay app will automatically sync your all current cards.

Step #3. To make a payment tap on the + (plus) button.

Step #4. Select “a credit or debit card”.

Note: If you have already used Android Pay on the other phone then when you tap on this option you have to choose a card from the card options and enter the CVC number printed on the back of your card. If you don’t do that then the camera will be launched and you can use it to scan your debit or credit card with it.

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Once you have done the above procedure you may receive a message from your bank that your card has been activated through Android Pay. You can add multiple cards by using the method given above. If you have many cards then you can also choose your ‘default card’ from the options so it will become your main payment option.

Hope you have noted down the steps given above carefully and have successfully added your credit, debit and/or loyalty cards on your Android Pay. Do share your experience with us in the comment section given below or on our timelines of Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.