Have you experienced Google Play Store saying, “This app is not available in your country” message? You probably have, especially when you have fallen in love with that app by reading and hearing a lot about it. At this particular point of time, VPN can be a great help for you. You can use VPN not only to download such apps which are not available in your country but also to use it.

Apart from that VPN can help you to remain safe and also secure from public WiFi and also for private surfing. You can also use best VPNs on your Mac and Windows PC and if you have got the latest smartphone like OnePlus 3 then too VPN is quite easy to set and it can be one of the easiest ways to use the internet with safety. But, what if you are using some other Android smartphone and not OnePlus 3? Well even then you can use VPN easily and for that only we are going to suggest you few tricks.

How to Set Up a VPN Connection on Android

For Non-Integrated Android phone

It is advisable to use a standalone VPN app when your Android smartphone doesn’t have an integrated support for open VPN servers. If you have got a smartphone with Android 4.0 and later then you can download OpenVPN Connect, a third party app from Google Play Store and can use it immediately. Remember if you are having a smartphone below 4.0 then your smartphone needs a root to access VPN.

How to set up a PPTP VPN Connection on Android phone

Step #1. Open Settings on your Android phone.

Open Settings on your Android phone

Step #2. Tap on More. (In some smartphones, you may need to tap on ‘More connection settings’)

Tap on More

Step #3. Now, tap on ‘VPN’ option and then to ‘+’ button to provide VPN details.

Tap on VPN option and then to Plus button

Step #4. Under Name, enter a Name which you can remember easily. (Select type – PPTP) Then enter details of your VPN, type, and address.

Enter Name, and VPN Address

Note: The server address can be either like vpn.example.com or it could be the numerical IP address.)

Step #5. Tap on Connect to connect to VPN.

Tap on Connect to connect to VPN

Step #6. You will be now prompted to provide Username and Password; do fill the space given for that. You can also check the box before ‘Save account information’ so that you need not do this step every time.

Enter Username and Password, then tap on Connect

Always-On VPN Mode

While going through Step #6 you can also check the box before ‘Always-on’ option. This will help you to keep your VPN ON when you are using public WiFi and want to ensure your secrecy and safety always. You can also ON the Always-on VPN option by tapping on Wi-Fi assistant option in Settings.


This is the best way to set up a PPTP VPN connection on your Android smartphone. If you too start using VPN on your Android phone after reading this tutorial, then do share your experience here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.