It is a known fact that when a giant like Google enters in a market we must get ready to see the change in the market trends. For last two years at least, Amazon Echo is ruling in smart speaker category but now Google has announced its entry into this segment as well. So now we must get ready to see the trends changing over here as well. There is a big possibility that few of you have already pre-booked Google Home, the Google’s latest smart speaker then you probably will be getting it very soon.

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If you have not booked it on Google Play Store and want to buy it from retailers then too the bookings are on. All in all, you will soon be in possession of Google Home and if you have started to wonder that how you going to set it and use it once it is there with you then this article is just for you. At the end of this article, you will get the complete knowledge of Google Home for sure.

How to Set Up and Use Google Home Smart Device

How to Set Up and Use Google Home Device

How to Set Up Google Home

Step #1. Download the Google Home App from Google Play Store or Apple Store on your Smartphone.

Step #2. Plug the power adaptor clubbed with the Google Home and plug the other end into the input which you will find at the bottom of the speaker.

Step #3. Switch “on” and your Google Home will start booting and you will see a range of colorful lights.

Step #4. Launch the Google Home app on your smartphone and tap on the devices icon on the top right of your screen.

Step #5. Find Google Home inside ‘Devices’ and then tap on Setup and then tap on Continue.

Step #6. You will see that your smartphone has now connected with a temporary Wi-Fi network on your Google Home. Tap the Play test sound button.

Note: Before that make sure that your smartphone is connected with Google Home.

Step #7. Google Home app will give you a variety of choices in selecting your room names which depend on which room you have placed your Google Home, so choose the room name of your choice. If you don’t want to name the room; then tap on other and tap on Continue.

Step #8. Connect your Google Home to your Home Wi-Fi network by entering the credentials. Once done tap on Ok and when your device is connected tap on Continue.

Note: You may also allow the app to automatically fill your Wi-Fi password from your phone.

Step #9. An automatic update will start to install, wait till it completes and then tap on Sign in button to add your Google Account and then tap on Continue.

Note: If you have multiple Google Accounts added in your smartphone then choose then one which you feel is best to use Google Home.

Step #10. Now you will be asked to use Google Assistant or not. It is advisable to allow it and to do the same tap on ‘Allow’.

Step #11. If you wish to get exact details of weather, business info and also traffic details then add your address and then tap on Set Location.

Step #12. You will be asked whether you wish to receive emails on new features, apps, offers etc. If you wish to receive them then toggle the switch to ON and tap on Continue.

Step #13. Tap on the music services you like as your default one.

Note: Right now the Google Assistant only works with Google Play Music, YouTube Music, Pandora, and Spotify.

Step #14. Now your Google Home Setup is almost completed tap on Continue and you will get the Google Home tutorial which will help you on how you can use the device.

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Step #15. If you wish to read the tutorial then tap on Continue else on Skip.

This is it! Now your Google Home is ready to use…

Now you can enjoy all the features of Google Home immediately but it is advisable that first, you go through the following tutorial on how you can use it in a much better way.

How to Use Google Home

Because your Google Home device is set up now you must be itching to use it. Well keep calm and follow the guidelines we are providing now. You will know about controlling the volume of Google Home plus also how to troubleshoot when the device is not working properly. Not only this you will be able to give a chance to your guests to use your Google Home by learning how to do that right here.

How to Control the Google Home Volume

You can certainly control the Google Home volume depending upon what you are listening to and also depending upon your mood and surrounding atmosphere. It is very easy to control the volume of Google Home volume both physically and also by giving orders to Google Assistant. Here is how you can do that.

Method #1: Because the top of the Google Home is like a touch pad you can actually increase and decrease the volume by touching it. So if you are near to your Google Home then just press your finger at the top gently and move it clockwise to increase the volume and anti-clockwise to decrease it.

Method #2: If you are far from Google Home then you need to say “Hey Google, increase/decrease volume” or “Hey Google, increase the volume to the maximum/minimum’ depending on your choice.

How to Mute the Google Home

There is a microphone button at the top of Google Play if you press it once it will mute the device completely. When you do that the Google Assistant will say “microphone off.” Once the microphone is off it will not be able to answer any of queries, play music etc. If you want to unmute it you need to press the microphone button again and Google Assistant will say “microphone on”. You can even say “Hey Google mute your microphone” and it will be muted but to unmute it you need to press the microphone button at the top physically.

How to Reboot Your Google Home

Just like any other smart device if Google Home too doesn’t work properly then it probably needs a reboot. Here is how you can do that.

Launch Google Home App → Tap on Devices on the top right corner → Find your Google Home device and tap on 3 vertical dots → Tap on Reboot → Tap on OK when asked to confirm.

Your device will be rebooted.

How to Factory Data Reset (FDR) Google Home

It is possible sometimes that no other option works to get back your Google Home on track hence you need to do a factory reset. Although it is very easy to do the factory reset on Google Home but remember you will lose everything including data and other settings you have done till date. So if you are ready then follow this procedure.

Step #1. Find the microphone button on the Google Home and press it for about 15 seconds.

Step #2. Google Assistant will confirm that it is resetting your device.

Step #3. Series of lights filling up the circle on the top of your device and once the circle is completed your connected speaker will be reset to factory settings.

How to Enable the Guest Mode in Google Home

If there is a social gathering at your home and you won’t mind your guests having an access to your Google Home then you can enable the Guest Mode with your password protection. Here is how you can do that.

Step #1. Launch the Google Home app and tap on Devices at the top right corner of your screen.

Step #2. Find your Google Home device and tap on 3 vertical dots and tap on Settings.

Step #3. Scroll down and find Guest Mode, turn the Guest Mode on with the toggle switch.

Step #4. Now the app will generate a four digit PIN which you will share with your Guests and they can use your Google Home without any trouble.

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If you are a guest and what to use your host’s Google Home then just open any Google Cast-enabled app and then tap on the Cast Icon. Then tap on Nearby device and then follow what it prompts you to do. If you can’t pair your device with your host’s Google Home then asks him to provide you the four digit PIN. You may also find the PIN on the Devices screen of the Google Home App. Now you are able to use your host’s Google Home without being on the same Wi-Fi network he is using.


Google Home is quite an exceptional innovation and these are the best ways to connect it and to use it. Hope this tutorial will help you in knowing more about Google Home. How was your experience with it? We are eagerly waiting for your most valuable feedback on this. You may drop in here again and give your views in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.