Smartphones have become fascinating than ever. And, that increases the need of being secure as well.

I know there are both inbuilt and third-party techniques to encrypt your phone. But what if you want to lock your SIM in order to prevent the access from others?

I would say setting up a SIM card lock is the best solution. And, that’s exactly what you are going to read this article.

How to Set Up SIM Card Lock on Android Phone

Setting up a SIM card lock is a collaborative task in which we seek the help of both the phone manufacturer and your telecom operator. Hence, you need to have the SIM in your phone. And, try to dig into your SIM card package to find the default PIN (you can seek your operator’s help if you don’t find it).

Are you ready to build an extra layer of security over your SIM card? Here you go!

Step #1. Take your Android phone and access the Settings. You can open the Settings panel in different ways; either from notification area or the list of apps.

Step #2. Scroll down to see the Personal label, under which Security & fingerprint menu is present. Tap on the same to skip to the next step.

Step #3. Select Set up SIM card lock under SIM card lock. You can get the same menu directly from the Settings panel on some phones using the Search bar. Just enter SIM into it. There you are!

Step #4. If you use dual SIM on your device, you will see a tab with SIM 1 and SIM 2 as headers. Or else, you will get a single tab with a checkbox to Lock SIM card. Tap on it.

Step #5. A popup will be opened with Lock SIM card as the header. You need to enter the default PIN there. Mostly, you get ten chances to get it right. But I don’t recommend trying the guess work. So, have it from your operator right before you move on to this step.

Step #6. Once you enter the default PIN correctly, the checkbox will be turned on. And now, you should change the SIM PIN. It will ask you to enter the old credential again.

Step #7. After entering the old PIN again, you will be asked to enter the new one. It is mandatory to confirm the same again.

N.B. What you must enter is a code between four and eight digits. Make it easy for you and difficult for others to crack. Beware! Once you forget the PIN, your SIM may hide in oblivion.

That’s all. You have done it! One should unlock both your lock screen and SIM lock in order to access your phone.

Wrapping Up

I hope you found this guide on setting up SIM card lock on Android helpful.

In case you are left with even a single doubt, you can reach out to me for the solution by commenting below. I will be more than happy to help you.