Why do you ever wish to set up a Shop Section to your Facebook Page? Considering all facts, Facebook has more than 1.65 billion dynamic users each and every month. Let’s say you can target only 100,000 active Facebook users, this can have an immense effect on your business

Furthermore, Facebook is emerging quickly, so your pool of potential buyers is also increasing day by day. Even if you don’t own a Facebook store, you must probably get it running to increase your online sales and business.

How to Set Up Shop Section to Your Facebook Page

How to Add Shop Section to Your Facebook Page

What is a Facebook Store?

Facebook permits you to create stores inside your Facebook Page, yet it involves knowing how to develop an App, then uploading items and pricing details into Facebook, then in some way or another associating all that to some kind of shopping cart to process your payments.

Connecting with your Facebook community group is a phenomenal approach to developing your business since Facebook makes it super simple for you to target users with particular interests, and it also makes sharing (viral advertising) of your item much simpler than any other platform.

How to add shop section to your Facebook page

Step #1. Make Sure You Have Access to the Shop Section

To see whether you have entry to the Shop Section element on your Facebook page, visit your Facebook page and search for the Add Shop Section below the page cover photo.

You can see Shop sections running on Facebook pages, for example, The Awkward Yeti, American Kennel Club, Basics Products, Snow Lizard and ARDO USS Products. Snow Lizard Products is developed with Shopify, so you can contrast it with the others to figure out the distinction between shops developed with Facebook versus those developed with e-commerce solution providers.

In case you’re a Bigcommerce or Shopify customer, you understand more about selling on your Facebook page using their links.

So the good news is that it’s not a component accessible only to established retailers. The bad news is that it appears to show up randomly. You can also add the shop section on your Facebook page and be a game.

Step #2. Click on Add Shop Section button below the cover photo.

Clicking the Add Shop Section link raises a brief explanation on what this segment will permit you to do. Next, you will be requested to execute certain actions and it will describe you more about the section. Click the Add Shop Section to proceed.

Step #3. Currency Setup

There will be another dialog box appearing on the screen. This will request you to choose the currency you wish to use. You can opt for any currency from the drop down menu as per your convenience or area.

Step #4. Accept Merchant Terms & Policies

You cannot miss this; simply read through all the terms and conditions before you set up your shop. The terms and conditions contain information about what you can set up in your shop, how you can manage issues while running on the “test phase”, cash refund, product return policies and cash discount and other information. This information will come handy in future.

Step #5. Add Business and Payment Processing Information

Here, you are required to fill the details about your business and set up payments and process it with Stripe. If you were familiar with Stripe already, you have to sign in to your existing account first and link it. In case you don’t have a Stripe account, you must set up Stripe account and after that, you can proceed further. Keep in mind to embed your business email and address here. Now you may notice that Create Call to Action button is currently changed to Shop Now Button. This indicates the successful setting up of your shop.

Step #6. Explain what you sell

Now you have to describe in short word count of 200 characters on what products or services you are selling on Facebook Shop Section. This should contain the specifics related to your business.

Step #7. Add all products you wish to sell

Now click on the Add Products option to upload your products to the shop. This will take some time as you have to embed some points of interest related to the items. Few of the common information fields are Name, Price, Inventory, Description, Variants, Product Category, Visibility and so on.

Step #8. Create collections

If you have got a variety of items, you have the alternative option to make collections arrange your products accordingly. This alternative will appear below your items once you begin adding them to your shop.

Step #9. Managing shop’s settings

You can get to the settings of your shop by clicking on shop’s link from your page menu. At that point click on the settings symbol (cog wheel) to get the following choices:

The drop-down menu has different alternatives like Manage Shop, Copy direct link, Help, Settings and Delete Shop.

The second choice is Manage Shop, which takes you to Publishing Tools; you can get another area for your shop. In this new segment, you can undoubtedly upload items and item collections to sort your items. The Settings choice shows primary settings of your shop, from where you can edit your business address, email address, and Stripe account information.

You can take help and read through the FAQ of Shop Section to get more information and knowledge about setting up your own online shop.

Step #10. Handle Your Orders

You will get a message after receiving your first sales order. Also, your Publishing Tools permit you to manage and review your pending and finished orders.

For better administration, you have to watch out for pending orders, buyer preferences for address and shipping. For this, you will see a rundown of pending orders. Click on an individual order request to check additional information. You can ring up the buyer to look for extra information when the order demonstrates pending or finished status. It is obligatory to ship the order before Stripe processes your payment.

If you come up with any questions or inquiries, you can simply reach Facebook Support from Facebook Advertiser and Business Support page through email or live chat.

So you know how easy and amazing it is to set up your own shop on Facebook. We hope you got well familiar with all the steps about how to add shop section to your Facebook Page. Once set up, it will add to your sales drastically and definitely worth the shot for your E-commerce.

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