Nintendo Switch is the best platform for kids to have a great adventure by playing lots of amazing Nintendo Switch games. Well, playing games extensively is not good and of course, playing violating or adult games even most awful for your children. So, as a parent, you can control your kids’ activity and set parental controls on Nintendo Switch so that your kid never cross a line.

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Considering worries of parents, Nintendo is providing a separate parent control app for iPhone and Android smartphone. The app design to control what kind of games your child playing, track and, set a playtime for your kid. Let me show you how you can set up parental controls on Nintendo Switch.

How to Set Up the Parental Controls App on Nintendo SwitchHow to Set Up Parental Controls App on Nintendo Switch

Step #1. Download the Parental Control app on your iPhone or Android phone from the links given.

Download the Parental Control appStep #2. On your, Nintendo Switch selects the ‘gear icon’ on the home screen and go to ‘System Settings’ menu, and there you have to select the ‘Parental Controls.’

Select Parental ControlsStep #3. On the app, sign-in with the same login credentials which you have for the Nintendo Switch device you want to give parental controls.

sign-in with the same login credentialsStep #4. Enter the registration code generated by the app to the Nintendo Switch to pair both the devices.

Enter the registration code generated by the app to the Nintendo SwitchStep #5. When the devices are linked, select the type of restriction level for your kid.

There are different levels which are None, Teen, Pre-Teen, Child, and Custom. If you choose the Custom level, then you can pick the exact age between 3+ and 18+.

Select the type of restriction level for your kidStep #6. If you wish you can choose restrictions based on the country or area, you are living.

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choose restrictions based in the country or area you are livingStep #7. Set the restrictions for posting on social media as Nintendo Switch will not allow any posting on social media for the kids under 13 years of age.

Set the restrictions for posting on social mediaStep #8. You can also set the ‘Communicating with Others’ settings, and this control will stop your child from chatting with others.

Set the Communicating with Others settings,Step #9. Set up play time limits from ‘No Limit’ to 15 minutes with the intervals up to 6 hours. You can even also set these timings on a daily basis and can give some relaxations on weekends.

Set up play time limitsWhile playing with the kid hits the preset time limit the device will notify the child and an alarm will buzz at the top of the screen and will be dismissed after few moment, and it will keep on popping up after every 15 minutes.

Set these timings on a daily basisYou can even separately suspend and lock the access to the Switch from the app itself once the set time limit is crossed for the rest of the day.

Step #10. You can restrict your kid’s usage on eShop on the Switch and not from the parental control app. With this set up you can either supervise the current Nintendo account or better to make a separate Child Account and link it to your main account to keep an eye on eShop usage.

place a restriction on your kid’s usage on eShop on the SwitchHow to Lift Parental Controls on Nintendo Switch

Step #1. Go to the Nintendo Switch and then to the Parental Controls icon at the top.

Step #2. Enter the PIN which was provided by the app at the time of set up.

You’re done!

The PIN will be visible in the app under the Console Settings tab and also in the email received from Nintendo. And, whenever you turn on the console or wake it up from the Sleep Mode you need to provide the PIN.

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Final Words

Do let us know how this feature helped you in setting up the parental controls app for Nintendo Switch. You feedback matter a lot for us as well as other readers. We are waiting for your responses on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus and also here in the comments section given below.