How to set up iris scanner on Galaxy Note 7

It seems that the year 2016 will be remembered as launching year for some of the extraordinary smartphones. We have seen the launch of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus just a few days back but well before that we have also seen the launch of another best product by Samsung and that is Galaxy Note 7. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 not only has a great design but it also has incredible features and the best of them is the Iris Scanner.

Make your Note 7 Safe from Any Data Theft by Using these Simple Tips

But before we know what we can do with Iris Scanner in Note it is better if we know what exactly this Iris scanner is and what the benefits it can provide us are. So here we are to let you know everything about the Iris scanner.

How to set up iris scanner on Galaxy Note 7

What is an iris scanner?

In simpler words, Iris scanner is a scanning tool to scan your eyes or to say more specifically your iris. It is used for the biometric authentication of a person who is using the Note 7. It provides a complete security because it can be used within the other actions of Note 7 as well and if we have to name it, it is the ‘Secure Folder’. Iris scanner works with two distinctive hardware; one is the small in-front camera lens and the other is the infrared sensor. Both works together and can measure the unique aspects of your eyes like depth and shape. It also prevents someone to use your photo to scan so it is prone to any mischief.

Benefits of iris Scanner

Well, if you start counting the benefits iris scanner can provide then they are in plenty, but the main benefit which should be advised to you is that it is the best option to Note 7’s fingerprint sensor. Plus it doesn’t change the way of logging in and it is the better alternative to the other logging in methods like passwords, patterns or PIN. Both the iris scanner and the fingerprint scanner of your Note 7 have some minus points. Iris scanners can’t work if the light isn’t proper and on the other hand the fingerprint scanner can’t work if you are wearing a glove. But still, Iris is more reliable between the two for sure if you use it properly.

How to set up the iris scanner on the Galaxy Note 7

It is really easy to set up the iris scanner on your Note 7 and it can be done in two different ways. You can do it for yourself by using the Settings menu but here we are going to suggest another method in simple steps.

Step #1. Pull down the notification shade.

Step #2. Tap on the Settings

Step #3. Scroll down to Settings and find Lock screen and security and tap on it.

Step #4. Tap on Irises.

Step #5. Now enter your Passcode, PIN or pattern.

Step #6. Read the instructions very carefully and then tap on Continue.

Step #7. Now follow the reminder of the steps given there to set up the iris scanner.

Step #8. Once you are done, just tap on Turn on.

Step #9. Enable Web sign-in and Verify Samsung Account. (This is an optional step)

This is it! Now you can use the iris scanner for your safe surfing of your Note 7.

Tips on How to improve the reliability of iris scanner

  • Don’t use glasses while using iris scanner.
  • Hold the Note 7 at least 9.8 to 13.7 inches from your face, always.
  • Hold the Note 7 parallel to your eyes and don’t look at the screen but look at the camera.
  • While the scanning is on keep your eyes standstill and open.
  • Don’t scan in direct sunlight
  • Keep clean both the IR sensor and iris scanner camera lens clean always from dust, scratch, and smudges.

Have you gone through all the tips and directions we have provided in this article? If yes then do let us know your experience with the iris scanner.

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