So you got your PlayStation VR in your possession? Great! So now you must be ready to outbox the gadget and must be itching out to set it up and start using it. Well, we all can understand your eagerness but when you purchase such an expensive gadget you need to be extra careful always before installing it or setting it up.

Although PlayStation comes with conclusive instructions set by Sony but to get the best experience and full value for your money, we believe you must go through the tips we have provided here before setting up your PlayStation VR. So are you ready for it? Here we go.

How to Set Up and Use PlayStation VR

Before you start to set up you got to decide where exactly you are going to plant or fix your PlayStation VR. Although like other gadgets this PlayStation doesn’t require much space, but still you need to find up space where you can be in front of the camera correctly. So once you have found such place in your room then start following the steps given below to set up your PlayStation VR.

Step #1. Power off your PlayStation VR completely, not even keeping it in rest mode.

Step #2. Put the HDMI into the HDMI TV port on the PlayStation VR processor unit after taking it out from the back of the PlayStation VR.

Step #3. Connect your PlayStation VR camera to the Aux port on the back of your gadget.

Step #4. Plug the cable Number 1 into HDMI PS4 port on the processor unit and the HDMI output on the PlayStation VR.

Step #5. Plug the cable Number 2 into one of the USB ports on the PlayStation VR and plug the other end into the processor unit.

Step #6. Connect the processor unit and the power adapter.

Step #7. Plug in the VR headset cable Number 4 by a slide back the cover on the processor unit.

Step #8. Match up the logos of connectors and cables if you think it is difficult to plug any of the cables.

Step #9. Plug the PlayStation VR headset into the cable attached in steps 7 and 8.

Step #10. Matchup the symbols to check again.

Step #11. Plug in the earbuds provided with the console or your own headphones into the inline remote.

Step #12. Power on everything.

Normally you will be then taken through some basic setup steps inside PlayStation VR headset and make sure you will have an updated software when you first use it. If you need to accept any update once the above setup is done then please take out the VR headset and follow the instructions you have been prompted to follow on screen.

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Some important setup tips for PlayStation VR

These are some of those tips which you will not find on PlayStation VR’s customer manual, but these tips will help you to get the best experience from your valuable

  • Don’t point the PlayStation VR camera straight into a light source or a window. They will interfere with the light tracking on your headset and will put an effect on it.
  • If you wish not to wrap yourself with the Headset cord then make sure that you put your processor your left side only. It is going to help you in a big way for the easy usage of PlayStation VR.
  • Before you start using PlayStation VR better to charge both your move controllers and also your DualShock 4, because you will really feel bad if you need to charge them in the middle of enjoying your PlayStation VR.

We are sure that these tips and tricks will help you not only to set up your PlayStation VR easily but to enjoy it to its full capacity as well. Do let us know your experience with setting up your PlayStation VR by using the tips we have given here in the comments.