Google had done a great job last month with the announcement to expand the Android Pay to support for PayPal. The biggest search giant promised that Android Pay would support PayPal within the next few weeks, but even after few weeks, there are no updates from Google about the announcement. Yesterday, PayPal surprised everyone with the release of a new update of its app to support Android Pay payment method. Means, now you can easily setup and use PayPal with Android Pay to make your payments easy and faster.

Today, millions of people are using PayPal account to make an online purchase, receive payment and send money to their friends and loved ones. So now they can use the same PayPal account to tap and pay with their cell phones in stores and other quick payments with Google’s mobile payment method.

Now you make a payment like the standard card, PayPal will show up in Android Pay as an option for NFC terminal, and you can also set it as default payment method. When you make payment from PayPal, the app will pull the money from your available balance or your integrated bank accounts. Well, the setup process is quite simple, there are just a few steps you should use PayPal with Android Pay.

How to Setup and Use PayPal with Android Pay

First, you need to download the latest PayPal app update from Google Play Store and sign in with your account. After successful sign in, simply follow the step-by-step process given below:

Step #1. Tap on settings icon on the top right corner when you open the PayPal app.

Step #2. Next, Tap the Android Pay settings.

Step #3. Now, Link your account to Android Pay service.

Step #4. Set your In-store PIN number.

Step #5. Finally, Select your “top-up” amount and preferred the location to draw Amount from.

After following those steps, the PayPal account will show up in your Google’s payment method as a PayPal-Discover card. You will have to use the PIN number that you have created during the setup process to make payment through PayPal with Android app. You can also choose the debit card option while using PayPal. The “top-up” will simply use to keep up some amount in your PayPal balance.

One more important thing you need to know that you are not limited to whatever you select as your top—up the amount, PayPal will automatically withdraw money from your bank account to make up the gap between your top-up and costs.

If you need any further help regarding the setup and use of PayPal in Android Pay, visit the official PayPal FAQ page.

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