These days are gone where you had to maintain shopping list and running to the stored to buy items you forgot. Now, with the help of Amazon Dash Wand, you can build your own Amazon Shopping cart including AmazonFresh cart. Sound amazing? Isn’t it? Well, if you wish to get started with Amazon Dash Wand, then you can use it on your smartphone (Android and iPhone).

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Amazon Dash Wand is the small Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled spot to get millions of Amazon product list. You just need to say and scan barcodes to add the item to your cart. Well, if you have Android or iPhone, then you can set up Amazon Dash Wand easily. Here is a simple guide to set up Amazon Dash Wand with Android and iPhone.

How to Set Up Amazon Dash Wand with Android Phone and iPhoneHow to Register Amazon Dash Wand with Android Phone and iPhone

Note: You should check your device is running the latest version of Amazon App and ensure that you use your regular home Wi-Fi network or the network you would like to use at the time of upload items to your cart while registering Amazon Dash Wand.

Step #1. Go to

Step #2. Select your country.

Step #3. Click Get Started.

Step #4. Insert two AAA batteries in your Amazon Dash Wand and tap on Continue on your smartphone.

Step #5. If prompted, tap Allow to Turn ON Bluetooth.

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Step #6. Now press and hold the button on your Amazon Dash Wand for 15-20 seconds until the LED light turn orange, and then tap on Connect on your smartphone.

Step #7. Choose the Wi-Fi network that you want to connect Amazon Dash Wand and enter a password, and then tap on Continue.

Final Words

Now your Amazon Dash Wand is ready to go whenever you are with your Android or iPhone. You just need to say it or scan it in the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere to set up your Amazon Shopping cart. Recently, Amazon released the Amazon Dash Wand with Alexa which is now available for $20.

Amazon Dash Wand With Alexa

Price: $20.00
Buy it from Amazon

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