We all know that mobile data is not that cheap and in addition, not everyone has got an unlimited plan subscribed on their Android device. It is better to learn how to control mobile data usage using the built-in Android feature. Today, we will guide you how to set it up and save a hefty amount of money on your monthly billing cycle.

How to set data usage limit on your Android phone:

Step #1. Launch the Settings app on your Android.

Step #2. Navigate to Data Usage section and toggle ‘ON’.

Step #3. Right below that Set mobile data limit option, tab on it, the, you’ll see a date. Make sure you set the dates according to your monthly billing cycle.

Step #4. Now below the date’s section, you’ll see a graph along with two lines. One is for setting the warning limit while the other is to limit data usage. Drag both of them one by one according to your data plan. It is advisable to keep the warning line a little below your data usage limit.

That’s all folks! This information should have helped you limit your data usage and also save your hard earned money. There are few third-party apps as well for the same task but it is always advisable to use the native features whenever they are available.