WhatsApp auto-reply is a boon for busy users. It goes without saying that people have accepted WhatsApp as a serious chat option and nearly discarded the default messaging app on their Android devices. However, there are many friends in your phone book that keep sending unnecessary messages, videos, audios, images and more. While you cannot block them (they are friends, right?), you can always tell them that you are busy and will reply later. But how can you do this? Android users can set auto-reply messages in WhatsApp on their Android phones.

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Since WhatsApp doesn’t offer any default automatic message sending feature, users have to rely on some third-party Android apps to set an auto-reply to show your friends your busy status. The need to automatically reply via message arises from our social connectivity, which doesn’t allow us to ignore a friend or colleague. Thankfully, some apps can help you auto-reply WhatsApp messages on Android device.

How to Set Auto-Reply Messages in WhatsApp on Android Phone

How to Auto-Reply WhatsApp Messages on Android device

If you are under the impression that you will have to root your Android phone, the apps give you some relief. Without rooting your Android device, you can enable auto reply in your WhatsApp. For this, you need to use ‘Can’t Talk (Beta) – Auto-reply to everything!’ application. Check the following method and use the features of ‘Can’t Talk’ auto response WhatsApp application.

Step #1. First off, you need to download and install ‘Can’t Talk’ from Google Play Store.

Install Cant Talk App on Android

Step #2. Next, launch the app on your Android device and turn on ‘Can’t Talk’ toggle next to menu button (hamburger icon).

Turn on Cant Talk toggle on Android

Step #3. Now you are required to tap on Auto reply message option to edit your auto-reply.

Tap on Auto reply message option to edit auto reply messages in Android Cant Talk App

You can set replies like ‘Can’t talk, at the library’, ‘can’t talk, at the hospital’, ‘can’t talk, I am driving’, etc.

Step #4. Once you have set up your automatic reply, hit the SAVE button.

Tap on Save in Android Cant Talk App

Then, see that ‘Things to reply to’ section, under which you will find three options: SMS, Calls, and Apps.

You Can see Things to reply Options in Android Cant Talk App

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Step #5. Turn on SMS and Calls; you can either toggle both options or select only one.

Turn On the SMS and Call Toggle in Android Cant Talk App

Step #6. Next, Tap on Apps and then choose ‘WhatsApp’.

Tap on Apps and Select WhatsApp in Android Cant Talk App

You can also stop auto-replies being sent to group messages. For that, you need to tap on the Settings icon and then check mark the option next to Ignore group messages.

Stop auto-replies being sent to WhatsApp group messages

Step #7. Finally, Tap on back button and tap on SAVE.

Tap on Back button and Tap on Save to Confirm in Android Cant Talk App

To set reply frequency: Tap on Advanced Settings and select the reply frequency to send WhatsApp automatic message. The default option is No timeout – reply every time.

Tap on Advanced Settings and Set frequency to send WhatsApp automatic message

That’s it!

Your Android smartphone is ready to respond automatically to WhatsApp messages when you are occupied.

Apart from Can’t Talk, you can also use other Android apps like Responder by Softvidia, AutoResponder for WhatsApp – Auto Reply Bot by TK Studio, and Auto Reply for WhatsApp by Bilbo Soft.

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