Email confidentiality is one of the essential security measures every user would like to take. The new Gmail brings this security feature to allow users to send and open confidential email on your computer. You can protect your sensitive information by using this confidential mode in the compose area of Gmail. Want to use this feature? Here is how to send and open confidential email in Gmail on Computer.

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The new Gmail has come up with a lot of awesome features to protect the content of your Gmail. You can restrict the recipient from forwarding your email; you can set an expiration date on your email so that the email gets deleted from the inbox of the recipient, and you can set a passcode to open the mail you have sent. When you send an email, the recipient will receive a notification about the limits you have set on a particular email.

How to Send and Open Confidential Email in Gmail on Computer

How to Send and Open Confidential Email in Gmail on Computer

If the recipient is using any malicious program or software, s/he can always copy your message or attachments.

Note that confidential mode is not available in classic Gmail. You need to use the latest Gmail on your computer browser.

Step #1. ON your computer browser, open Gmail.

Step #2. Login with your Gmail ID and password.

Step #3. Now click on Compose button from the top left corner of your computer screen.

Click on Compose button in Gmail

Step #4. Once the compose window opens, click on ‘Turn confidential mode on/off’ option.

Click on Confidential mode in Gmail

Step #5. A dialog box pops up on your computer screen with two options: SET EXPIRATION & REQUIRE PASSCODE.

You can see Confidential Mode Two Option in Gmail

There are five options under SET EXPIRATION section; users can set expiration period of one day, one week, one month, three months or five years.

Set Expiration in Confidential Mode on Gmail

Under REQUIRE PASSCODE, there are two radio buttons: No SMS Passcode and SMS Passcode.

If you select No SMS Passcode, recipients who are using Gmail app will be able to open your mail directly. Recipients, who are not using Gmail will get a passcode on their email.

Select No SMS passcode in Confidential Mode on Gmail

In case you select SMS Passcode, recipients will receive a passcode by text message; you need to ensure that you enter the phone number of the recipient and not yours.

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Select SMS passcode in Confidential Mode on Gmail

How to Stop Recipient from Opening Email Before Expiration Date

Step #1. Open Gmail and enter your Gmail ID and password. If you are still in the Gmail app, click on Sent button from the left navigation panel.

Click on Sent button in Gmail

Step #2. Click on the confidential mail you have sent.

Click on Confidential mail you have sent in Gmail

Step #3. You will see a button: Remove access; click on this option.

Click on Remove access in Gmail

This will disable the options to forward, download, or copy the email’s contents and attachments.

What happens when senders use confidential mode to send emails?

  • Recipient can view the message and attachments until the expiration date or until the sender removes access.
  • Options to copy, paste, download, print, and forward the mail or message text and attachments will be disabled.
  • Recipient has to enter a passcode to open the email.

Are you using Gmail?

How to Open Confidential Email in Gmail on Computer

If the sender doesn’t require an SMS passcode:

In case you are using the latest Gmail app (web or mobile), you can see the email when you open it.

And in case you are using another email client, you need to launch the email, click on the link ‘View the email’ and sign in with your Google credentials to see the message/email.

Are you using another email account?

Open the email and click on the link ‘View the email’.

Click on View the email in Gmail

You will be landed on a new page, where you need to click on ‘Send passcode’.

Click on Send passcode in Gmail

Check your text message or email for the passcode.

Next, enter the passcode and then click ‘Submit’.

Enter passcode and then click Submit to Open Confidential Email in Gmail

That’s all friends!

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This security feature is commendable. People would certainly like to send and open a confidential email in Gmail on their computers. Do you find this information useful? Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.