With the introduction of iMessage text effect, you must note that it is mainly categorized into two sections. The first one is the Bubble effect and the other is Screen effect. Here in this article, we are going to learn how one can send the invisible ink or in other words hidden iMessage text from your iPhone or iPad. Believe us that this exciting feature is very easy to put into action and it needs no more extra selection.

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If you want to add a screen effect with Bubble in the background then you can do it easily or you can send it directly in one single tap. So let’s learn on how you can send an invisible Ink pattern from your iOS 10 enabled devices. It is noticed that people are happier to send this invisible messages with bubble effect because of two reasons. One is that they can surprise the receiver and two it is not really easy to read it at first glance.

How to Send Invisible ink or Hidden iMessage on iPhone or iPad

How to Send Invisible Ink or Hidden iMessage in iOS 10 on iPhone or iPad

Step #1. Launch iMessage App on your iPhone.

Launch iMessage App on your iPhone

Step #2. Now, Type any message in ydour message box.

Type any message in your message box

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Step #3. Tap and hold on the blue upward direction icon for a while.

The above step will open different Bubble effects like invisible ink, Gentle, Loud and Slam from the bottom to the top direction.

Tap and hold on the blue upward direction icon

Step #4. Tap again on the Blue button icon.

Tap again on the Blue button icon to Send Invisible ink

Now you need to do is to choose the pattern that you want to send via an iMessage to a receiver which he or she can’t see in the notification or in message app conversation link. The invisible ink can be applied to the third party images Gifs and web links too. You can also expand the screen to see more options which you can use for your invisible ink.

So how it sounded to you? We are sure you must be feeling as excited as we were when we first heard about it. So once you use it do give your feedback either on the various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, else you can also post your feedback in the comments section given just below this article.