You must have noticed that after sometimes chatting with even your best of friends becomes monotonous and boring. You probably have tried too many things to break this but seldom would have got success. Well, there is one solution to break this boredom or monotonous state and that is to share humorous and playful GIFs to your friends.

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To support your cause to make the chatting more lively there are many GIF maker apps available in Android. But the Android Nougat enabled smartphones like Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL have inbuilt capacity of adding GIFs to the chat messages as new Google Keyboard has been added. The implementation of this feature is bit stroppy but that is why we are here to make it easy. So let us learn how you can send GIFs with Google Keyboard in Android Nougat.

How to Send GIFs with Google Keyboard in Android Nougat

How to Send GIFs with the Google Keyboard in Android Nougat

Step #1. When you are writing a message tap on the smiley icon at the bottom of your screen.

Tap on smiley icon

Step #2. Now a whole lot of smileys will be launched and you will see a GIF icon on the bottom right corner of your screen next to space bar, tap on it.

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Tap on GIFs icon


Step #3. Now you will be suggested with various categories of GIFs touch the category you want to send GIF.

You will be suggested with various categories of GIFs touch

Note: Once you are used to GIFs you may even search the GIF you want to insert. There is a search icon right on the top of GIF categories. Just type the choice of your GIF and you will find it there itself.

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Currently, this feature is available for selected apps only but we are hearing that soon it will be rolled out to most of the apps. So, if you have Android 7.1 Nougat; then try this new feature with Google Keyboard and let us know how it actually works here in comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.