The revamped Messages app in iOS 10 has fascinated one and all. With magnificent features like Markup, bubble & screen effects, third-party App Store and more, the Messages has been redesigned for a fabulous messaging experience.

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How about sending GIFs right from your Messages app in iOS 10? You no longer need custom keyboard apps such as Flesky to send GIFs. As it is not only an iMessage-only feature, you can send animated GIFs to Android users via text messaging as well.

How to Send GIFs Directly from Messages App in iOS 10

How to Send GIFs Directly from Messages App in iOS 10 on iPhone or iPad

Step #1. Launch Messages app on your iPhone or iPad.

Launch Messages app on your iPhone or iPad

Step #2. Next up, tap on the App Store icon, which looks like “A”. (If you have already tapped into the text box, you will have to tap on the arrow button to the left of it to reveal “A” button.)

Tap on the App Store icon

Step #3. Now, you will see the options to share songs from Apple Music, Classic Mac stickers as well as some handwritten phrases. You need to swipe over to the right from this menu in order to get to the GIFs section.

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Swipe over to the right from this menu in order to get to GIFs section

Step #4. Next, tap on the search field above the images to search for a GIF or image. Simply type any keyword like funny. If you find the right GIF, tap on it to select.

Tap on the search field, To search for a GIF or image

Step #5. Now, tap on the Send button.

Tap on the Send button

That’s it! Make the best use of these awesome GIFs to rev up your messaging experience.

Currently, iOS 10 is available as both developer and public beta. The newest OS is going to launch this fall.

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iOS 10 has been claimed to be the greatest ever iOS update thanks to a number of standout features. The redesigned Notification Center is my favorite. The ability to use 3D Touch in Control Center is amazing as well.

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