Emails are almost unavoidable in the business and it is one among the strongest communication tools and Gmail is widely used to send and receive emails. The exclusive feature by Boomerang that allows you to “scheduling emails to be sent later on” that Gmail offers have made life so much easy.

Yes, using this option you can schedule the emails. No longer you have to wake up early on Monday mornings to send emails. Schedule it on the weekend and it will hit the inbox of the recipient as per your need.

How to schedule emails in Gmail? Follow the below steps:

Step #1. Install the extension

You need to install an additional extension so that you can send the email as and when you want. Boomerang is a most popular extension and it is completely free. Go to Boomerang and install it.

Step #2. Click the Add button

Once you are on the website, you will get an option – Add this to your Gmail now. Click on it. Prior to that, you will be given the permission option whether you would want to proceed with it. You can also manage the apps, extensions, and themes as per your need.

Step #3. Read the tutorial

Once you have accepted the installation, the extension will automatically be added. A window will appear at the center which will explain you the entire process of email scheduling. Click on the start button and go through the tutorial.

Step #4. Boomerang Toolbar

After the extension has been installed in Gmail, try writing a sample email. You will get to see the new Boomerang Toolbar. You will see the send later option which is highlighted in Red color to be noticed easily. Once you are done drafting the email, click on send later option.

Step #5. Choose the options

After the Send later option is clicked, a drop-down menu will appear with several options. You can choose the hour, time of the day (morning, afternoon, evening), months and so on. Choose the option for your email to be delivered.

Step #6. Grant the permission

Once the options have been chosen, a pop-up window will appear asking for your permission to use Boomerang. Unblock the option and press ‘ok’ to continue with your scheduled email process on Gmail.

Step #7. Programmed Message for delivery

The message will be programmed for the delivery. You will see the Boomerang icon on the top right of the screen. Click on it to check all the programmed emails. Choose ‘Manage scheduled messages’ from the drop-down menu. You will get all the information about your scheduled emails.

Thus, no longer you have to be worried about managing and scheduling your emails. Google, being one of the most opted search engines has a solution for the problems. Scheduling an email on Gmail makes the work simpler.

It saves time and efforts and you do not have to be dependent on your colleagues to assist you with your emails. You can go out in the evenings, wake up late and go for a weekend trip without any email botherations. Try it out and you will experience the change.

Follow the above-mentioned steps to create email scheduling in your Gmail. Do let us know your feedback in the comments below.