One after the other Instagram is rolling out great features just before Christmas. Now you can use a feature like Go Live on Instagram and chat with your friends live for one hour. Another feature Instagram has added recently is disappearing posts, where your posts shared with your friends will disappear after few seconds automatically. Even before these two features were rolled out Instagram introduced saving your posts feature.

With this feature, you can save any post, including your own so that you can see them later at your ease. This will help you immensely as from now on you won’t miss any post if your in-between login times during the course of the day have longer gaps. Here is how you can save posts on Instagram and view them later at your ease.

How to Save Posts to View Later in Instagram on Android and iPhone

Note: First of all update the Instagram app if you have not updated it recently.

Step #1. Launch Instagram App on your Smartphone.

Step #2. On the extreme right and below any post on your feed there is a New Bookmark icon, tap on it.

Step #3. With Step #2 that post will be saved in a folder automatically. You can see that the saved post drops down in your Profile icon. So tap on your profile icon then again tap on bookmark icon to check your saved posts.

Step #4. Once you are done with revisiting the saved post, you can tap on the bookmark icon to un-save that post.


With this new feature, you need not worry about missing an important post from your friend just because you don’t have enough time at a particular moment. Just save the post as per above guidance and watch it later and comment on it to surprise your friend. The best part of this feature is that you can save as many posts as you want to.

Did you try this new feature from Instagram? Tell us how you find it. You can share your views  here in the comments section.