If you are health conscious and have recently moved to your all know Apple watch then this feature is critical for you. Because your health data is private, it is always necessary that your paired iPhone takes a backup of it on iCloud and iTunes. So you need to save and backup health data on Apple Watch on your own.

As per the latest update, even the health data is now getting encrypted on iCloud as a backup, and thus you can easily restore the data on your pair iPhone via cloud services. There are some complaints which came across recently saying that people are having some trouble with the backups on iCloud. If you too have any problem or you are new to iCloud backups, then you must follow the steps given here to know about it.

How to Save and Backup Your Health Data on Apple Watch

How to Creating Encrypted Backup for iPhone or iPad with iTunes

Step #1. Connect your iPhone or iPad with your computer by using USB cable and then open iTunes.

Step #2. Click on ‘device icon’ in the tab bar.

Step #3. Now, Click on ‘Summary’ if you are already not there. Check the box next to Encrypt iPhone/iPad backup to allow your Health data to
get a backup.

Step #4. Click on ‘Back Up Now’ option under ‘Manually Backup and Restore.’

Step #5. Once the backup process is over start the setup process on your new iPhone and select ‘Restore from Backup’ when you are on that screen.

How to Move Health Data to a new iPhone by using Health Data Importer

To export your data directly from the Health app, you need to download Health Data Importer app from iTunes for $3.99 to your new iPhone.

Step #1. Open Health App on your iPhone.

Step #2. Tap on Health Data tab and then tap on the User icon on the top right corner of your screen.

Step #3. Tap on Export Health Data and then tap again on Export to confirm. This process might take few minutes.

Step #4. Now, Tap on Add to iCloud Drive to save the final export to iCloud drive and set up your new iPhone.

Step #5. Open the Health app on your new iPhone and go through the basic information.

Step #6. Download and Launch Health Data Importer app on your new iPhone and tap on Import.

Step #7. Select the export.zip file on the iCloud drive and then tap on ‘Select All’ if you wish to move the entire Health backup to your new

Note: You can even individually import the health data files.

Step #8. Tap ‘Next’ and then tap on ‘Turn All Categories On’ on Health Access prompt which will allow the app to write your Health repository.

Step #9. Tap on ‘Allow’ and then open the ‘iCloud Drive app’ when the Health Data Importer finishes the import.

Step #10. Now tap on ‘Select’ in the upper right corner and then find and select the export.zip health file.

Step #11. Tap on ‘Delete’ on the lower right corner and then tap on ‘Delete’ from iCloud Drive.

Now you got the health data on your new iPhone, and now you can set up your new Apple Watch. If you are a fitness freak, then we believe you should know a thing or two about how to automatically pause/resume running workouts on Apple Watch and also how to use health app in iOS 10 on iPhone or iPad.

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