When we take out our newly purchased Android smartphone from the box and open it we feel great about its certain features which our old phone wasn’t having. Be any manufacturer, you are actually playing under his wish and command only even if you are finding new features up to your likings in your new smartphone. Because your smartphone makers have certain restraints they allow you only pre-decided functions in a particular model and different ones in the other models, which might cost you more.

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The only thing you can do to gain more access to better features is by tweaking certain sets of settings in your Android phone and to tweak those settings you need to root it. In simplest of possible language, rooting is kind of a hacking which is done by the owner of a smartphone himself. You can do rooting by different ways and one of the popular ways is rooting by using PC. Yes, it is a popular way because it helps you to get more perfection to root your phone, but today we are going to exercise about how we can root our Android smartphone without needing a PC.

How to Root Android Phone without Computer or PC

Here is the simple solution to this and all you need to do is to follow the steps one by one as suggested below and you can easily root your Android smartphone.

How to Root Android Phone without Using PC or Computer

Caution: Before we proceed further, one thing you must be aware that rooting is not at all safe and anything can happen to your phone or its data while rooting process is on or even after it. So root your Android phone at your own risk only and do not forget to take a backup of your data first so you need not regret later.

Step #1. To root our Android phone directly we need root software so we need to download KingoRoot APK first.

Step #2. Now on your Android phone, go to SettingsSecurity & Fingerprint and then toggle the switch before “Unknown Sources” to ON, if it is off. (Otherwise, when you will install the above software it will not allow that process.)

Go to Security & Fingerprint and then toggle the switch

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Note: If the installation of KingoRoot APK has already started and your smartphone is not allowing it then tap on “Settings” in the window which is prompting you that the installation is not allowed. Once you tap on settings then you may follow the Step #2 as directed.

Step #3. Launch the KingoRoot app and click on “One Click Root”. This app is extremely user-friendly so let the process start and check the process you will see on your screen and wait for the end.

Launch the KingoRoot app and click on One Click Root

Step #4. Once the process is finished you will get the message whether it has Succeed or Failed. If it succeeds then you can start rooting immediately.

Once the process is finished the message has Succeed

What if KingoRoot App Fails to Root My Android Phone?

There are ample chances that even after several tries, the installation keeps on getting failed. If that happens to you too, then try the conventional process on your PC because in such circumstances it is the only way left for us to root our smartphone.

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We believe that this process will certainly help you to root your Android device without even using your PC. Even if it fails as we have made it clear, then root your device via PC only. In such scenario, even for us, it is important to know whether the app we have prescribed here has helped to root your device or not? So please feel free to give your feedback on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or even here in the comments section given below.