When we buy a new smartphone, The smartphone maker only allows you to access specific existing functions. Hence, you have to ride under their wish and command. But, there is a way to get complete access to Android OS is called “Rooting.” You might be wondering what rooting is, then let me tell you first. Rooting is Android alike of jailbreaking so that you can fully customize the OS and get an unlocked operating system where you can delete pre-installed bloatware, install restricted apps, switch OS, and make changes as per your preference.

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Considering those Android users who wish to break the chain to get entire control of an Android operating system, we have made this easy tutorial to root the Android phone with or without a PC/Computer. You can root your Android device in many ways, but here we have taken the safest and simplest process. In this post, we have mentioned a most popular One Click method to root Android device, whether you want to use your computer or not. Go ahead to know the step-by-step guide to use KingRoot’s One Click method!

How to Root Android Phone without Computer or PC

How to Root Android Phone with or without PC

Attention: Before we proceed further, one thing you must be aware that rooting is not at all safe and anything can happen to your phone or its data while rooting process is on or even after it. So root your Android phone at your own risk only and do not forget to take a backup of your data first, so you need not regret later.

How to Root Android Phone without PC using One Click Method

It is one of the most straightforward methods to root an Android phone. It is a universal one-click solution where you do not need to connect your device to PC.

Step #1. First off, enable “Unknown Sources” by heading to Settings → Security & Fingerprint and then toggle the switch before “Unknown Sources” ON, if it is off. (Otherwise, when you will install the above software it will not allow that process.)

Go to Security & Fingerprint and then toggle the switch

Step #2. Download and install KingRoot APK on your Android phone.

Step #3. Launch the KingRoot app and tap on “One Click Root.”

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Launch the KingoRoot app and click on One Click Root

Step #4. Once you tap the One Click Root, it will start the rooting process. You will have to wait until the screen popped with “Succeeded” or “Failed.”

Once the process is finished the message has Succeed

That’s it! In a case, after several tries, it keep saying failed, then go ahead to use One-Click

How to Root Android Phone with PC using One Click Method

Step #1. Download and install KingRoot Windows software on your PC.

Step #2. Enable “USB Debugging” option on your Android phone. For that, go to Settings → Developer Option → Turn ON USB Debugging.

If you do not see the developer option, then go to Settings → About phone→ Tap five to seven times on Built Number until seeing the message “You are now a developer.”

Step #3. Open the KingRoot app and connect your Android device to the PC via USB cable. Once you connect your phone to PC, it will ask you to “Allow USB debugging” so tick “Always allow from this computer” and then hit the OK.

Step #4. Once all set, click on “Root” and take to break until your device gets the entirely rooted device.

You’re done! This was the most straightforward and safest ways to root your Android smartphone with or without PC. Well, you can also go back to the original OS. All you will have to do run the Android Root again, connect your phone to PC and hit the Remove Root. Cheers!

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We believe that this process will undoubtedly help you to root your Android device. Even if it fails as we have made it clear, then root your device via PC only. In such scenario, even for us, it is essential to know whether the app we have prescribed here has helped to root your device or not?

If you have successfully rooted your Android device, let us know what you would like to make a new change on your device. So please feel free to give your feedback on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or even here in the comments section provided below.