One of the finest things about Android phones is the abundance of options. Based on the budget, you can buy a smartphone out of a number of excellent contenders. Whenever I like any quality smartphones like Google Pixel, LG V20 or Galaxy S7, I don’t fail to switch onto them. Luckily, Google makes switching not just hassle-free but also highly user-friendly.

Earlier Google used to only sync certain data like calendar events, contacts, Drive documents, Gmail settings as well as account-related information across devices. However, with the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop, it introduced the ability to restore apps to a new device.

How to Restore Apps and Settings to New Android Phone

Marshmallow expanded this functionality to let you restore app data and system settings. All the restored data is backed up to Google Drive wherein 25MB space is allocated for each app. As per your need, you can select what app data gets stored in the cloud. The data won’t count towards your storage quota.

How to Restore Apps and Settings to New Android Phone

How to Enable the Android backup Service

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your device.

Launch Settings app on your device

Step #2. Next, tap on Backup & reset.

Tap on Backup & reset

Step #3. Now, tap on Backup my data.

Tap on Backup my data

Step #4. Next, you need to turn on the switch next to Backup my data.

Turn on the switch next to Back up my data

Tap on Back to return to Backup & reset. Now, make sure that the correct Google account is associated with Backup account.

Next up, turn on Automatic restore in order to restore settings as well as data when installing an app.

Now, your system settings, as well as app data, will be automatically saved to Drive.

How to restore apps and services on new Android Device

Step #1. Tap on the arrow at the welcome screen to begin the process of setting up your handset.

Step #2. Next, you need to select the System language. Log in to your home Wi-Fi network then choose Accept and continue.

Step #3. Log in to your Google account.

Step #4. Tap on Accept in order to sign in to your Google account.

Now, you have the option to enable the backup service for your account in the Google services page. You can choose your preferences as per your need. Tap on Next once you are done.

There is an option to add another email account. If you want to add it then use the Add another email section. Else, tap on Not now → Next.

Step #5. You should see the Which device? The section that allows you to select the device you want to restore from.

You can see the list of all your devices. Next, you need to choose a device to check out all the apps available for restore.

To restore all apps and settings, tap on Restore. If you don’t want to restore everything, tap on the arrow next to Restore all. Then, you need to select which apps you want to restore. Once you are done, tap on Restore.

Now, set up fingerprint security and enable Google Now.

That’s done! Apps and settings will be restored on your new Android device.

How to Check out amount of data synced to the Cloud

You can check out the amount of data synced to the cloud.

Step #1. Open Google Drive on your Android device.

Open Google Drive on your Android device

Step #2. In My Drive, you need to tap on the hamburger menu at the top left corner.

Tap on the hamburger menu

Step #3. Tap on SettingsManage backup.

Tap on Settings, then Manage backup

Step #4. On the next screen, check out the list of all the apps which are using the backup service.

That’s all there is to it!

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