I still remember how happy I was to get an all new “Samsung Galaxy Duos” from my dad when I passed college. It’s been more than 6-7 years since I have been using it. Over the years I have used several advanced phones like Note 5 and Galaxy S7. But, I’m still emotionally connected to the Galaxy Duos.

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Unfortunately, the power button of my Galaxy Duos stopped working a few days ago. As a result, restarting the device became a huge challenge. Luckily, some workarounds helped me overpower the broken power button.

How to Restart Android Phone without Using Power Button

Has the power button stopped working on your smartphone as well? Give these tips a try to reboot the device without using the on/off button.

How to Restart Android Phone without Using Power Button

When Your Android Smartphone is Off

  • At times, phones tend to boot up when plugged into a charger. Hence, plug your device into a charger.
  • In case the first trick doesn’t work, you need to plug your device into your computer/laptop using USB cable. Your handset may boot up.

Use Volume and Home Button

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  • Trying pressing both the volume buttons at once for a few seconds until the boot menu appears on the screen. Then, select restart to reboot your device.
  • Try to press the volume and the Home button simultaneously.

If Your Smartphone is in Sleep Mode

  • If your device has Home button, just press it to wake the screen.
  • Just in case, there is no physical Home button on your phone, tell one of your friends to give you a call.

Use Apps

There are a number of third-party apps like Gravity Screen that can help you reboot your smartphone without power button. This app will automatically turn screen off when you put your device into your pocket or on any desk. And, when you pick up your device, it will turn the screen on. It can be really helpful when the power button is not working.

But, it can’t provide the complete solution. Moreover, it will eat into plenty of power on your device.

Repair the Broken Power Button

It’s better to repair the power button. You can also contact the manufacturer for help.

It’s not unusual for the power button to stop working. Hence, getting it permanently repaired can provide the best solution.

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