You can do plenty of interesting things with Snapchat Spectacles but if that error message keeps on coming then it is really irritating. What frustrates more is that there is nothing from the company on this. Well, we have tried out the four ways to get rid of the error messages on Snapchat Spectacles which may also helpful to you as well if you also getting the same.

How to Reset Snapchat Spectacles

Method 1: Force Bluetooth Pairing Mode

First and foremost you need to force the Bluetooth pairing so press and hold the button for seven seconds and then pair your Snapchat Spectacles with your app.

Method 2: Soft Reset

If the above doesn’t work then try a soft reset. Get your smartphone along with you and set a timer for 50 seconds. Then press the button on your Spectacles for that much time and by then you will see LED light is having a sequence of three dots moving around this means a reset is going on. Once done try to pair your Snapchat Spectacles with your app.

Method 3: Hard Reset

If the soft reset doesn’t work then go for the hard reset but mind you, you will lose the footage from your Spectacles that has not been downloaded to your app. So, if you are ready then Press and Hold the button for 55 seconds and then release. Now within 10 seconds just press the button once and don’t hold. Just like the soft reset your LED will show a sequence of dots moving around it and the reset will be done.

Method 4: Pair Again Snapchat Spectacles

If none of the above works on Android and iOS devices, then try this last step: Android and iOS user go to Settings → Bluetooth and tap on ‘Forget this device’ and search again to pair.


Because there is no official word on how one can get rid of error messages happening on Snapchat we have found out these easiest way to do it hence the results may vary. So, we would definitely like to know from your side that which of the 4 methods we prescribed worked for you. We are waiting for your feedback here in the comments section.