Samsung Pay has made a successful foray into the lives of millions of Samsung users. By using this app, they can make quick payments everywhere. But when it comes to money, you need to be extra cautious, think about the security of your PIN. If someone sees your PIN stealthily and get hold of your phone, you are in real danger. You need to reset your Samsung Pay PIN frequently, preferably every month. I hope you have set up the PIN while setting up Samsung Pay on your phone. Now it is time to change your Samsung Pay PIN.

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Why should you change the PIN of your Samsung Pay? Security of your finance should be your primary concern, and therefore you should change the Samsung Pay PIN. Moreover, people tend to forget PIN. For any reason, you can reset Samsung Pay PIN on your device.

How to Reset Samsung Pay PIN

How to Reset Samsung Pay PIN

When you have forgotten your Samsung Pay PIN, you need to reset the PIN. For this purpose, follow the steps to clear app data and then you will be able to reset your PIN on Samsung Pay.

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Settings → Applications → Application Manager → Samsung Pay → Force Stop → Storage → Clear Data.

How to Change Samsung Pay PIN

Step #1. Launch Samsung Pay app on your smartphone.

Step #2. Tap on More Options and then Settings.

Step #3. Now, tap on Change Samsung Pay PIN.

Step #4. Next, you can change the PIN by following instructions on your phone screen.

Remember, you cannot use the same number three or more times in a row.

Many users use iris scan or fingerprints to use Samsung Pay. However, they still need a PIN to activate, deactivate, or reset the security features.

That’s all friends!

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