Many iPhone 7 and 7 Plus users have started receiving AirPods as per the latest news. It observed that the battery of Apple AirPods is draining faster than what expected of it. Although there is no official word from a ‘Techy,’ there are voices on Reddit which are suggesting faster drops in AirPod battery. The solution suggested for it is to reset the AirPods to fix the battery drain problem, which takes hardly few minutes.

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Some of the Reddit users have complained that AirPod battery drops as much as 30% overnight without getting used at all. Another thing which has come to our notice that the drain happens only when AirPods paired with iPhone or any other connected device. When the AirPods stationed in their case, the battery drain is pretty low. But just like there are certain tips and tricks to get the best out of your AirPods, we got a fix for battery drain as well.

Tips to Reset Your AirPods to Fix the Battery Drain Problem

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So, keep your cool and get the attention away from the problem and fix it on the solution.

How to Reset Your AirPods to Fix the Battery Drain Problem

Step #1. Press and hold the setup button for at least 15 seconds. Now the light will start flashing amber for a few seconds and then will flash white.

Step #2. Reconnect your AirPods with all your connecting devices.

Note: Remember if you have set up the double tap to pause, then you will have to set that first.

That’s it! Isn’t it easy compared to what you have thought? By following this 2-step solution on resetting your AirPods, you can fix the battery drain problem considerably. We have noticed that once you implement the reset, your battery will be dropped by just 1% if not used during the entire day. Has the same happened with you too? Then let us know here in the comments section and also on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.