It is not at all advisable to use your phone when you are driving. Be it your family member or your business associate or even your colleague you need to take care of your safety first than answering their text message. But the other side of this habit is that you may not want to lose an opportunity to update your loved ones or the person you are having business dealings because by doing that it may have some adverse effects as well.

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We have found a great way out for this situation. We will guide you on how you can response to such text without even touching your phone and yet you can convey about your current location or your current position to the person who has sent you a text. This procedure is actually very simple as well. Just read this article and know how you can do this easily.

How to Reply to Texts with Your Location While Traveling Using Android Phone

How to Reply to Texts with Your Location While Traveling Using Android Phone

The process, as we mentioned above is really simple because a third party app will help you to make it easy. This app will send your location to the person who has sent you a text message automatically. Here is the procedure.

Step #1: First, Download the Locate Driver app from Google Play Store.

Install Locate Driver app on your Device

Step #2: Launch the Locate Drive App on your Android phone.

Open Locate Driver app on your Android phone

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Step #3: Next, You need to Setup a Keywords, like “Where are you?”, or “Call me” etc. Even a punctuation mark will work.

you need to write a keyword like Call me

Step #4: Now, you can choose 4 trusted or important contacts and set the messages like above for them and then tap on Start.

Choose 4 trusted or important contacts and Tap on Start

This is it! Now you need not touch your device when you are driving to respond to a text message. But there is a catch also. The person whom you have marked trusted in the app should also use the keyword you have saved. If he or she sends you the text with that keyword, then only this app will work.

Message responses can be Map location, GPS information to your Trusted Contact

Despite having a catch, this app will certainly work well with all those frequent callers who need you at any point of time. Because we are advising you, you need not download and use it. It is always better to have a first-hand experience of an app.

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