iOS 10 has plenty of all new features like the redesigned Lock screen. One of the biggest highlights of the latest iOS ecosystem is the ability to let you reply to any message right from the Lock screen. So, if you receive any message from your friend, you can quickly reply to it – without needing to launch the messaging app.

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Notifications in iOS 10 are highly interactive. How about replying to a message from Lock screen using 3D Touch right now? I’m sure you would love making a great use of it. Let’s check out!

How to Reply to Messages from Lock Screen in iOS 10 iPhone or iPad

How to Reply to Messages from Lock Screen in iOS 10 iPhone/iPad

Step #1. If you have iPhone 6s/ 6s Plus or the newer devices, you can interact with notifications using 3D Touch. When you receive any notification from WhatsApp or the stock Messages app, simply press and hold on it.

Simply press and hold the Messages

(If your iPhone/iPad doesn’t support 3D Touch (like iPhone SE or iPad Pro or older devices), you have to swipe left on the notification and then tap on “View” to access the quick reply popup.)

Step #2. A preview of the conversation on the top, text input and the keyboard in the bottom will appear on the screen.

Keyboard in the bottom will appear on the screen

Step #3. You need to type a response and send it as usual. But before sending the reply, you will have to authenticate by scanning your fingerprint on the Touch ID sensor.

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You need to type a response and send it

That’s done! Now, you can follow these steps to send as many quick replies from Lock screen as possible.

Besides, when you 3D Touch an email notification in iOS 10, you will have the option to Archive it.

Interactive notifications have indeed enhanced the user experience of the newest OS.

At times, you are too busy to spare even a couple of minutes to reply to any message. Fortunately, iOS has made the task a bit easier. What do you think of this nice feature? Do let your views come across.

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