Getting calls from unknown numbers can make anyone tensed, especially ladies. To check the owners of unknown phone numbers we go Truecaller app which is a global directory. But having listed in Truecaller, it breaches your privacy and hence it is important to remove/unlist the number from Truecaller Directory List.

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No matter how important getting information about the unknown number is, but one cannot compromise with his privacy. So, here we are with a tutorial on how to remove the number from Truecaller. The entire process of unlist number from Truecaller is very easy, and it hardly takes few minutes of yours.

How to Remove or Unlist Number from Truecaller Directory ListHow to Remove Number From Truecaller Search

Before we move towards the process to unlist phone number from Truecaller, we must know that one should deactivate his Truecaller account first to let Truecaller verify that you are the real owner of the number.

Noted? Good, then let’s move forward.

Step #1. Open your web browser and go to

Step #2. Under ‘Unlist’ you will see a space where you need to enter the phone number which you want to unlist, check the best-suited reason on the list to unlist and also need to tick the box saying ‘I’m not a robot.’

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Fill the phone number which you want to unlist and tick the boxStep #3. Once you do the above process, click on ‘UNLIST PHONE NUMBER’ button; click again to confirm the process.

Now, Click on UNLIST PHONE NUMBER button

Click again to confirm the processNow your phone number will be removed from the Truecaller Directory List within next 24 hours.

Hope you now have the answers on how to remove my number from Truecaller. You must have noticed that this process is as easy as finding and removing fake followers or fans from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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