Nowadays, every Android device comes up with an emergency call button. You can use it in any emergency circumstances to call cops or ambulance. It usually appears at the bottom of the screen while unlocking the device with PIN, password or pattern. Although this is the very safety feature, it could become a major worry while your phone is in kid’s hands. Hence, you may want to remove emergency call button from Android lock screen to ensure naughty kid does not play around with it.

There are two ways you can remove emergency call button from your Android lock screen. While one way is to use a third party app and the other is to take advantage of the Xposed module. Let’s find out how it works!

How to Remove Emergency Call Button from Android Lock Screen

Method #1: Install Lock Screen replacement app

With the help of “Hi Locker” lock screen app, you can disable Android’s emergency call button. Furthermore, it also has different lock screens that would love to apply on your lock screen. Before installing this app, ensure that your device has not been rooted.

Step #1. Download and install Hi Locker app from the Google Play Store on your Android phone.

Step #2. Now, Open an app, then you will need to enter your name or nickname and hit the “Next” button.

Step #3. Now the app will ask you to turn off notification access, just ignore the step and go the home screen.

Step #4. Next, launch the “Hi Locker” app again, it appears with some changelog. You just need to tap on OK.

Step #5. Next, tap on “Turn off system lock”.

Step #6. Enter your PIN or pattern lock and tap on OK, then select “None” to disable lock screen password.

Step #7. Tap on Yes, REMOVE for Remove device protection.

You’re done!

Now lock up your device. You won’t see the lock screen of your smartphone. It comes with the Hi Locker lock screen without any annoying emergency call button.

Method #2: Use Xposed Module to remove emergency call button (rooted devices)

If your Android device has been rooted, you will have to use the Xposed Module to dissolve emergency call button. Here are few steps to do it quickly:

Step #1. First of all, you need download and install following:

  • Lockscreen Tweak Box” for with vanilla Android or an AOSP-based custom ROM installed as its firmware.
  • Wanam Xposed” for Samsung’s TouchWiz running devices.
  • xSense” for HTC’s sense devices.

Step #2.

  • On Lockscreen Tweak Box, just tick the mark in the “Hide Emergency” options.
  • On Wanam Xposed and Xsense, go to the Lock screen and tick the “Hide Emergency call”.

Step #3. Now reboot your device and you won’t see any emergency button anymore.

Well, these methods are easy and quick. Hope you did like the tutorial. Let me know which method you have chosen to get rid of emergency call only on Android device. Have any feedback?