Do you think Emergency Call option on the lock screen is an unwanted option? Do you find yourself frustrated with the same each time you turn the screen on?

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Well then, you should remove it. The truth is you can’t find an inbuilt option to do it. I haven’t seen any smartphone manufacturer include a setting to remove emergency call button from the Android lock screen. That’s what makes it complicated.

How to remove Emergency Call button from the Android Lock screen

Without further ado, let’s get started with the tutorial.

How to Remove Emergency Call button from the Android Lock screen

I have included two methods to remove the button. You can use any of them based on your convenience and preference.

Method #1: Using a Lock Screen App

If you have a new device and you don’t like bricking the device, this is the risk-free method to removing emergency call button from your lock screen.

And, you can find this to be the easiest of all.

Step #1. Take your Android device in your hand. As we are going to install a third-party lock screen app, you must open Play Store.

Just search for any lock screen app there, say for example, CM Locker.

Step #2. You will see the same on top of your search results. Tap on it followed by touching the Install button. Or, you can press the Install button right away from the search results screen.

Step #3. Now that you have a dedicated lock screen app, it is mandatory to disable the in-house lock screen.

Step #4. First, you have to open Settings for that. It can be accessed either from the notification panel or from the list of apps as well.

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Step #5. Scroll down to see the option Lock Screen. Then, choose none from the following screen.

There you go! You can now see a flamboyant lock screen with not even a sign of emergency call button.

N.B. – I have collected Play Store links to download a few lock screen apps. You can download any of them as all of them removes emergency call button.

Method #2: Using Exposed Framework

If you have a rooted device or you have plans to root, this one will suit the best. The great thing about it is it won’t change the appearance of the lock screen but remove the emergency call button only. Exposed framework has an in-house option for that. So, you can keep on having the stock lock screen.

For CyanogenMod users, an app like Tweakbox (for Official ROM users) come handy as it contains an option to hide emergency call button.

In case you are using any official ROM, xSense or Wanam will do the trick.

Download Wanam Xposed (for CyanogenMod ROM users)

Download xSense (If you are on stock ROM and found the first one –Wanam- is of no use, you should install this app.)

Wrapping Up

So you know how to remove emergency call button from the lock screen.

I recommend going with the first option because the second needs your phone to be rooted and it voids the warranty as well.

You can shoot your doubts if you have any, using the comment form down below. Share it with your loved ones so that they can get rid of this emergency call button as well.

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