Whenever we purchase a new Android smartphone we encounter with some apps which actually are of no use at all. Because certain phone manufacturers give these apps as inbuilt we have to accept them and don’t use them. Although these apps are harmless but they do take good enough space in your smartphone, such apps are called bloatware and we are here to show you how to remove bloatware apps from Android.

One can easily say that these bloatware apps are not removable and because they are not removable you have to make compromise with lesser space your smartphone has, but you can certainly manage them in a way that you don’t literary remove them but you can lessen its impact. There are three different ways to remove or disable such bloatware apps on Android and we are going to learn that process right now.

How to Remove Bloatware on Android without Rooting

How to Disable/Remove Bloatware Apps on Android Without Rooting

Method #1: By Hiding Bloatware Apps

One method to remove the bloatware apps is to hide them from your app drawer. This will not disable them but they will not be there before your eyes. Not all manufacturers are giving this feature but those who do have can just go to your app drawer and search for ‘EDIT’ option there. In some Smartphones, you can find three vertical dots on the top right corner of the screen to get this option. Once you tap on EDIT or relative option you will see either a box or a ‘-‘ (minus) sign. Select those bloatware apps you want to remove and tap on the relative option.

Remember, all manufacturers have given different ways to EDIT or remove such apps from the app drawer, so we can’t give you the exact process. One more fact you should remember here is that the apps will still remain in your smartphone even after you finish this process. It is just that you will not find them in your app drawer.

Method #2: Disabling Apps

This is another method which you can use to disable bloatware apps. Remember with this method too you can only disable them and not remove them completely. The benefit of this method is that it will free good space for you and also won’t run in the background. Plus it is very easy to execute this method and you can always return to those bloatware apps which you later feel to use by reactivating them. So let’s try this method.

Step #1. Go to Settings on your Android smartphone.

Step #2. Find Apps or Application Manager and tap on it.

Step #3. Find the bloatware app you want to disable and tap on it.

Step #4. You will find ‘Disable’ button and tap on it.

Step #5. You will be prompted with a message about risks if you disable them, ignore the message and tap on ‘Yes’.

This should be it! Now that bloatware app will no longer active and will not take any space on your smartphone either. These two are the easiest methods to get rid of bloatware apps. If you feel that you need more effective method than these two then we got another method for you also. Let’s check it then.

Method #3: Use Debloater on your PC

This is perhaps the more precise method to remove bloatware apps but it carries its own risks if you actually not aware which app is a bloatware app and which is not. So be careful before using this method.

Step #1. Download Debloater on your Windows PC.

Step #2. Connect your PC and your Android smartphone with a USB cable.

Step #3. Check for the green disk on the bottom left of the Debloater window to confirm that your Android device and the PC is well connected and ‘Synced’.

Step #4. Now you will see a list of information on what kind of apps Debloater can help you to remove from your Android smartphone.

Step #5. Under the ‘Activity Status’ click on ‘Read Device Packages’ button. This will bring all the apps which are installed on your Android smartphone.

Step #6. There are enough chances that this list could be very long, but check the box before .apk files and then click on ‘Apply’ to remove those files.

This will remove all those unwanted bloatware apps which you don’t want in your smartphone. But again click on only those apps which you are sure that they are bloatware apps otherwise you may remove those apps which are needed to run Android on your smartphone.

You can even search for a particular bloatware app by searching it in the space given in Debloater. If you feel certain bloatware app you want to activate again then you can follow the same process and simple Uncheck the box before that app and click on ‘Apply’. This will make those app appearing again on your app drawer.

Parting Views

Remember, all these three methods will only disable bloatware apps and not actually remove them from your smartphone. To remove such apps you need to root your smartphone. One more thing you should know that you can always re-correct your mistakes in any method you have used prescribed above so feel free while doing it.

Just like customizing LED Notification on Android without rooting helps to enhance the usage of your smartphone, these methods will also give you a better experience of using your smartphone.

We are sure that you have liked this new way to find some precious space on your smartphone. Do give your shout here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.