Amazon is known for its fantastic offers and one such offer it rolled out was heavy discounts on its Prime Exclusive phones but in exchange for lock screen ads. Obviously, when you are getting such heavy discounts, you got to see adverts via the Amazon Offers app, even though it is annoying. And we all might have searched for solutions to remove Amazon Prime lock screen ads but ended up with no other option but to bear it. At last, Amazon announced the good news of no more such sneaky lock screen ads on its upcoming devices in the month of February followed by a promise to release a software update soon that will remove its ads from the customers’ existing devices as well.

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But seems like someone was so annoyed with the lock screen ads making the phone look more like a billboard, created a hack that will help you get rid of them right now. Follow our guide to know how to get rid of Amazon Prime lock screen ads.

How to Remove Amazon Prime Lock Screen Ads

How to Get rid of lock screen ads from Prime Exclusive phones

Step #1. Download the Amazon Offers APK

As the software by Amazon to remove ads will take time to roll out, in the meantime, a member of the XDA-Developers forum got hold of the ad-removal APK that will help us all to finally get rid of the lock screen ads on Amazon Prime Exclusive devices. For which, you need to download the APK here.

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Step #2. Next, sideload the APK

After you download the Amazon Offers APK, the next thing you need to do is to sideload it. In other words, you need to install it. Go to your downloads section or open the file explorer on your smartphone and tap open the APK. When asked, click ‘agree’ to install the update, and wait while your phone does the rest of the job.

Step #3. Crosscheck

When the install finishes, wait and check whether any lock screen ad pops up on your screen or not.

Please note that Amazon is now no longer collecting any money from the ads, hence such ads will consume your data more. So better you get rid of it as soon as possible.

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Wrapping up

Closing or waiting for ads to finish everytime can get anyone on its nerves and in exchange for a heavy discount, such highly frequent ads by Amazon on the lock screen is a huge price to pay. We hope your lock screen might be free from such sneaky Amazon ads by now after following our guide. If you any doubts/suggestions regarding this guide, feel free to drop them in the comments sections below or on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.