As such there is no need to remove Alexa devices from your Amazon account, just in case if you are having any technical issues then only you will need to remove it. For any technical problems, you may need to reset the factory settings, and thus there is no need as such to remove Alexa device from your Amazon account.

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The only time you may need this removal is when you decide to return or sell your Alexa smart speaker or just in case you wish to switch to a new Amazon account. So for that scenario here we are with the complete tutorial on how to remove/deregister Alexa devices from your Amazon account.

How to remove Alexa devices from your Amazon accountHow to Remove Alexa Device from Your Amazon Account

Method #1: Deregister/Remove Alexa Device from Amazon App or

Step #1. Open your Amazon app or go to and click on ‘Settings’ on the left side menu.

Step #2. Select the device which you want to remove from Amazon account by clicking on it.

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Step #3. Now you can see a ‘Deregister’ button on the right of **Device is registered to: [your name].”

Step #4. Just click on ‘Deregister’ button and then confirm your action.

Method #2: Remove Other Alexa Device from your Amazon Account

If the above method doesn’t work because you don’t find ‘Deregister’ button in the settings menu (especially for Alexa Speakers, or Roger), here is another method to follow.

Step #1. Open your web browser then go to and log in.

Step #2. Next, under the ‘Accounts & Lists,‘ you need to click on ‘Manage Your Content and Devices.’

Step #3. Now, Click on the ‘Your Devices’ tab to open it and then click on the * button for the device you want to remove.

Step #4. Click on ‘Deregister’ again and confirm your action.

So, these two simple methods will help you to remove the Alexa devices from your Amazon account which is as easy as changing Alexa’s name on iPhone and Android.

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