Steam is one of the known gaming platforms around the world. You can play some excellent games on your PC via Steam. But sometimes like many other software and apps those games either don’t work well on your PC or you don’t like it after subscribing it. For that Steam has a very friendly refund system and you can get it very easily.

Just like getting the refund for iTunes and App Store purchases on iPhone, there are certain conditions, which you need to fulfill before claiming your refund from Steam game. So before we learn the process of how you can refund a game on Steam, let us first know the terms and conditions, which you need to complete.

How to Refund a Game on SteamHow to Refund Games on Steam

Process to Claim a Refund on Steam – Minimum Conditions

  • The purchased game should not be more than 14 days old, or you have not played it for more than two hours.
  • Games purchased outside of Steam will not be refunded by Steam, for that you need to claim the refund from the original retailer.
  • Purchasing Steam keys from third-party game stores is advisable rather than buying games.
  • Don’t ask for the refund in mass, else Valve may consider it as a breach of trust and may not refund you anymore.
  • Buying a game for lower prices on a sale and then asking for refund doesn’t consider to be a breach of trust by Valve if you have played the game for less than two hours.
  • You will get the refund from the same channel of payment you made earlier to purchase the game.

How to Refund a Steam Game

If you are fulfilling all the conditions mentioned above then here is the process which can be useful to you for requesting a refund from Steam.

Step #1. Go to the Steam Support Website: and sign-in with your steam account if you are using a web browser.

Steam Support WebpageStep #2. Select the game which you want to get the refund by either clicking on ‘Recent Products’ or on ‘Purchases.’

Step #3. Here you will find the list of the games you have bought in last six months, so locate the game you want to refund from this list and click on it.

Step #4. Under ‘What issue are you having with this purchase? Click on ‘I would like a refund’ option.

Step #5. Few more options will serve you but if you seriously want a refund then click on ‘I’d like to request a refund.’

Step #6. If you are not eligible for the refund the system will let you know at this stage; else you will be provided with all the information regarding your refund.

Step #7. Now you need to give a valid reason for the refund by selecting one of the reasons listed, once selected click on ‘Submit a request’ to request your refund.

Once the above step is over, you will get an email from Steam informing about receiving your refund request. After some time you will receive another email, confirming your refund. It takes few hours only for Steam to refund you.

Hope you will be satisfied with this tutorial on how to refund Steam games. We are waiting for your feedback on this tutorial on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. You may also respond here in the comments section given below.