Everyone loves speed, whether it is working, or moving from a place to the other one or even in deleting emails as well. Sometimes when we are deleting a large number of emails one after the other or even deleting them all with one click, we also delete some emails which are important to us. Usually, those emails are sandwiched between unimportant emails and hence there are chances that you delete them by accident.

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Well, there are chances that you can retrieve those deleted emails from your Gmail trash to your inbox. Remember Gmail keeps your deleted emails in the trash for 30 days. Just like you can recover your Gmail account’s password within minutes, you can certainly retrieve that mail from the trash itself easily. Here is the solution for it which you must know.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Emails From Gmail Account

How to Retrieve Your Deleted Email in Your Gmail Account

Step #1. Log in to your Gmail account on PC or launch your Gmail app on your smartphone

Step #2. On your PC’s top right corner you will find a gear icon with a drop-down menu, click on it and select Settings from the list.

Select Settings from the list

On your app simply type ‘Lable:Trash’ and tap on magnifying glass icon.

Step #3. In the Settings on your PC click on Labels which is the second options in the tray at the top, click on it and find ‘Trash’ and then click on ‘show’ option.

Click on Labels, then find Trash and then click on show option

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On your app, you will find all the emails which you have deleted.

Step #4. Go to the ‘trash’ folder directly by clicking on it. (This step is for PC users only.)

(You will find trash folder last in the list of the folders on the right side of your screen on PC and smartphone app.)

Note: On a smartphone, app Trash is named Bin.

Step #5. If you have recently deleted an email by mistake then you will find that email in trash/bin in the first page itself. Click or tap on that email and open it.

Step #6. On your PC click on the ‘Folder’ icon at the top of your email where you will find ‘Move to:’ option; select the folder in which you want to move the deleted mail.

On Gmail app, you will find 3 vertical dots on the right side of your screen, tap on ‘Move’ option and move the email to the desired folder.

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This is how you can retrieve your deleted email on Gmail. But again, we would like to remind you that if the deletion has happened before 30 days then there are very fewer chances to retrieve. Yes, there is still a hope but it may not work as well and no one can take guarantee of it. If your deleted email on Gmail is more than 30 days old then follow this procedure.

Step #1. Log in to your Gmail account from your PC. (This is a must step)

Step #2. Click on this link.

Email Recover Gmail Guideline

Since you have logged in to your Gmail account your credentials will not be needed to be filled. Just answer few questions asked by Gmail and you may mention the dates since the email has been missing and you want to recover. Click on ‘Submit’ and send your request.

In past, there have been few occasions when Google was able to retrieve emails which were deleted at least a year back. But as we have said it is not guaranteed that same would happen with your email as well.


This is the best way possible to retrieve your deleted email on Gmail. We have tried to guide you in few easy steps. Whether this article helped you or not; do let us know here in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.