Aren’t you using a number of social media sites?

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If you are positively nodding your head now, chances are you use to forget them unless the same is stored in your browser. What if you clear the passwords saved in your browser? Or what if you need to sign into your Gmail account from a different computer?

The password field will become a great hurdle to you. On such an occasion, follow the procedures in this guide.

How to Recover Gmail Account Password within Minutes

How to Recover Gmail Account Password

The steps needed to recover your Gmail password have been changed recently. So, you may feel a bit awkward seeing the old guides. And here comes the latest tutorial on how to recover your password from Google.

Step #1. Open your browser and make sure you are not logged into another Gmail account. If you found a logged in account, sign out from it to recover the password of your original one.

Step #2. Access Google Password Recovery service. You can do the same by visiting and pressing Need Help? the link there.

Step #3. You have to enter the Gmail address of the account to be recovered. Then hit Enter or press Next.

Enter the email address of the account, Press Next

Step #4. Then you will be asked to type the last password you remember. Let’s assume your mind is completely blank when it comes to the password of that particular account. So, press Try another question from the bottom.

Type the last password you remember, Then Click Next

Step #5. Now you will be asked to enter your full phone number that you gave while setting up the account. Do it.

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Enter your full phone number that you gave while setting up the account

Step #6. You will get a verification code to your phone. Just have a glimpse of it and enter the same in the given field.

You will get a verification code to your phone, Just enter the Code

Step #7. If the code is correct, you will be provided with a field to enter the new password. You should verify the password by entering it twice.

After Code Enter, Field to Enter New Password

That’s it. You can login to your account using the new password and username (Gmail ID).

Note:- In case your number is not the same or the access to the phone is impossible, click on Try a different question and choose an appropriate recovery method to go with.

Wrapping Up

Don’t you know how to recover Gmail account password, do you?

As you have read above, it is pivotal to add a phone number or an alternate email address to use in recovery situations. Bear this in mind whenever you create an account.

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