In case that you inadvertently deleted WhatsApp chat history, messages, and connections on Android Smartphone, you can retrieve them back. Yes, take a respite as in this article; we will indicate distinctive approaches to recover deleted WhatsApp information. We will educate you on how to recover deleted chat in WhatsApp on Android phone using the chat application. There are in fact more intense Android data recovery options which are free to download and easy to use. Let us see how the different options work and you can take your pick.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Chat on Android phone – Explore Step by Step Guide

OPTION #1: Recover WhatsApp Chat History and data from recent backups

In the event where you have any previous backups of WhatsApp chat history and data, you can easily recover chat history from your backup folders. Even if you have deleted any messages or chat history without backup, don’t lose hope.

You can still recover lost messages, media files and attachments from the automatic WhatsApp backups. It is on account of WhatsApp that makes automatic data backups every 4 AM (your standard time) and stores them on your Smartphone’s internal memory (just given that there is sufficient free space) or on the phone’s microSD card.

What you will need to keep in mind in order to restore WhatsApp messages is a few steps on how to do it.

Start with uninstalling the WhatsApp application from your device followed by reinstalling the chat application once more. While the installation is taking place, you will be provoked to restore your chat history. Just tap on Restore and you are done. Everything that is a week old will be restored automatically in your WhatsApp. How easy, right?

OPTION #2 :Recover WhatsApp Chat History from old dated backups

If the first option doesn’t work for you then there is another way out to regain your old messages. This can be done via old backups that WhatsApp makes on your Smartphone. Follow the steps given below to recover Whatsapp chats and data from the backup file.

Step #1. Uninstall WhatsApp app from your Android device.

Step #2. Open the WhatsApp backup folder or database on your Android device. Select which backup file you wish to restore. It will be in an easy date format so that you know which day’s WhatsApp chat you need to restore.

Step #3. This is important. Rename that folder/file from “msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt7” to “msgstore.db.crypt7“.

Step #4. Reinstall the WhatsApp app on your Android device.

Step #5. Tap on Restore when asked to restore.

You may notice the Whatsapp backup or database files from /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases folder. You may also find that backup files are saved with names like “msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt7“.

So there you have it, all the chats from whichever date you wanted. Keep in mind that WhatsApp backup folder may be stored in external memory or internal memory of your phone.

So you might have to dig in a bit to find your newly recovered WhatsApp chat files.

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OPTION #3: Recover recent WhatsApp chat messages without losing latest chat information

It is a known fact that the new messages received or sent after a backup, and those deleted before the scheduled automatic backup, cannot be restored.

In case you wish to keep a copy of the latest WhatsApp chat history and messages, you can easily create a manual backup by following these steps given below.

Step #1. Open WhatsApp app on your Android device.

Step #2. Open the Menu.

Step #3. Go to the Settings option

Step #4. Select Chat Settings

Step #5. You will notice the option of ‘Chat Backup‘. Tap on it and you will have all your messages backed up.

This manual backup file will be usually saved as “msgstore.db.crypt7” in your /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases folder. You need this chat backup file renamed to anything that can be easily memorized like “msgstore.db.crypt7.current” or “msgstore.db.crypt7.latest“.

There’s no other easy way to combine your recovered messages with the new messages on WhatsApp.

OPTION #4. Recover Deleted WhatsApp Chat Messages without any backups

The easiest and the best way to recover WhatsApp chat history from Android device is by using some recovery tool likeJihosoft Android Data Recovery tool. It helps to recover data without any backup files. This tool helps to merge old and new chats with not much of an effort.

A thing to remember: Make sure you don’t use your Android Smartphone after you lost WhatsApp chats and data. It is recommended to take this precaution as the deleted chat data will be overwritten by the newly added content.

You can download the Android Data Recovery free trial version and install it on your PC in few easy steps

Step #1. Prevent Android version update.

Always be careful if any update options come up on your device. Do not tap on any updates as it will replace the backup files on your phone.

Step #2. Connect your Android device to PC using USB cord.

You will need to open Android Data Recovery after installing it on your PC. Later, connect your Android device using USB cable.

Step #3. Enable your Android device for USB Debugging.

For devices with Android 4.2 or newer – Open “Settings” → Select About Phone” → Tap “Build number” for a number of times until a note appears “You are under developer mode” → Go to “Settings” → Select “Developer options” → Check “USB debugging“.

Step #4. Data analysis and scanning.

After turning on USB debugging mode, your Android device will be detected by the Data Recovery Tool. Choose files that you want to recover, for example- “WhatsApp messages”. Later, tap on ‘Next’ and the recovery tool will scan the deleted information.

Step #5. Preview and Restore the WhatsApp chats from Android storage.

The entire scanning process will take some time. Later, you will be able to preview all the recoverable data shown up in the scan results. If you wish to recover WhatsApp chats history and messages, tap on “WhatsApp” and you can view all your chat information that can be restored. Tap on ‘Recover’ option and within few minutes, all deleted WhatsApp chat data will be restored on your Android device.

Step #6. Regularly Backup your WhatsApp Data.

In order to prevent data loss from your Android device, back up your data from time to time. This could prove useful in future.

So there you have it. The step by step guides for various restore options in knowing how to recover deleted chat in WhatsApp on Android devices.Now that you know, pick any option that looks feasible to you.

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Your important chats will be retrieved and you can make a backup for future so that this situation doesn’t come up.

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