Unlike our Mac or PC, we do not have a recycle bin or a Trash folder to restore deleted files on Android. In case you have accidentally deleted a very important text message from your Android, then there’s not need to panic, as the recovery process is quite easy then you can think.

Before we proceed with the guide, you should note that you’ll need to enable USB debugging mode on your Android. In case you aren’t aware of how to do it, then just follow the steps given below:

How to enable USB debugging mode on Android device:

Step #1. Open Settings app on your Android device.

Step #2. tap on “About phone“.

Step #3. At the end of the page, you’ll see “Build number“. Keep tapping that in quick succession, until it says “You’re now a Developer!”

Step #4. Now get back to the Settings page and just above “About phone“, you’ll get a new menu “Developer Options“, tap on it.

Step #5. Under that, tick the box near “USB debugging“. You’ll be prompted to confirm the operation, just tap on “OK“.

Now that you have got the USB Debugging enabled, we can proceed with the guide. One more thing you should note that you’ll also need to download a recovery software for Android. Most of the software’s are free while others are paid. As of now, we will guide you with FoneLab recovery software for Android. It’s paid software available for both Windows/Mac and Android/iOS, so download accordingly. The free trial version is also available but it just displays the files and does not let you recover it.

How to recover deleted text messages on an Android device:

Step #1. Launch FoneLab on your PC/Mac and connect your Android device to it using USB cable.

Step #2. You’ll get a message asking to enable USB debugging mode, which we have already done, so tap the “OK” button.

Step #3. Now in the software, select “Messages” option and click “Next” to start the scanning process.

Step #4. The software will also try to root and unroot your device to search deeper. Even if the software fails to root your device, click on “Continue Scanning“.

Please note: The Company claims that the rooting process is harmless and does not void your device’s warranty and in addition, it will not break your phone.

Step #5. After the scanning is finished, select from the list of messages you wish to recover and click on “Recover“.

As said earlier, the software won’t let you recover files in the trial version. You’ll have to purchase it in order to recover the files. If the messages are really important, then the price is worth it.

Price: $27.96 (Mac and Windows)

Download it from FoneLab

Do you have any other solution to recover deleted messages from Android device? Let us know in comments or on our social media pages.