Everyone makes mistakes and we are no strangers to making mistakes on our own. When we are middle of some important work and suddenly we need to delete something else and we by mistake delete the thing which is important to us. We have even sometimes made mistakes while downloading files from Chrome or Firefox as we perhaps don’t know how to change the download destination on both these browsers.

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Part of these mistakes is deleting all important bookmarks on Google Chrome and Firefox. We know what happens to us when we make this stupid mistake unknowingly and then we take the entire home or office on our head. Especially when we are thinking that we are just deleting a bookmark and in the process, we delete the entire folder of bookmarks, the irritation goes sky-high. But there is a way where you can easily recover deleted bookmarks on Chrome and Firefox and here is how you can do that.

How to Restore Accidentally Deleted Bookmarks on Chrome & Firefox

How to Recover Deleted Bookmarks on Chrome and Firefox

How to Recover Deleted Bookmarks on Chrome

Luck plays a part in restoring accidently deleted bookmarks on Chrome. If you have not restarted your Chrome after deletion of your bookmarks then you are in with a big chance of restoring them. Because Chrome backs up your bookmarks every once in a while there are chances that your deleted bookmarks are just waiting for you to get restored. Here is how you can do exactly that.

Step #1: Go to Windows explorer and type:

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default.

Go to Windows explorer and type source

Note: There are possibilities that your explorer might not be set to show you hidden files and folders so replace your name with USERNAME in above path.

Step #2. Now you have found the folder find two files which are important for you Bookmarks is the one and the other is Bookmarks.bak.

Now you have found the folder find two files

Step #3. Bookmarks folder has current bookmarks and Bookmarks.bak has the deleted bookmarks, so go to that folder.

Step #4. Check the date next to Bookmarks.bak to make sure that the backup was done before you deleted those bookmarks.

Step #5. Change the name of Bookmarks folder to ‘Bookmarks.old’.

Change the name of Bookmarks folder to Bookmarks.old

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Step #6. Delete the .bak from Bookmark.bak so it automatically becomes your new Bookmark folder. You will be prompted with a message whether you are sure or not, Click on Yes because you are safe.

Rename the Name and Click on Yes to Confirm

Step #7. Restart your Chrome to apply changes.

Important Note: Do not forget to save your current bookmarks which were not deleted because you have made changes into folders the current bookmarks will get deleted automatically.

How to Recover Deleted Bookmarks on Firefox

Firefox provides the easier way than Chrome to restore your accidentally deleted bookmarks and it also keeps last 10 backups as well which is not possible in Chrome. Here is that easy way to reinstall your deleted bookmarks.

Step #1. Go to Firefox menu and click on All Bookmarks. (You may also do Ctrl+Shift+B)

Go to Firefox menu and choose Bookmarks menu, click on All Bookmark

Step #2. Click on Import and Backup. Then click on Restore.

Click on Import and Backup. Then click on Restore

Step #3. You will see last 10 backups done by Firefox if you are sure that deletion of your bookmarks is done recently then choose the recent date or choose the older backup date.

You will see last 10 backups done by Firefox

Step #4. Firefox will prompt you with a warning message because this action will delete your current bookmarks. So if you have saved the current bookmarks on Firefox click on OK.

Click on OK to restore Deleted Bookmark


You need not to even restart your Firefox, unlike Google Chrome, just check your bookmarks again and you will see your deleted bookmark back again.


You must have felt that restoration of deleted bookmarks by mistake on Chrome and Firefox is rather easy than what you have thought. We are sure this tutorial will help you to get back your deleted bookmarks on both the browsers. Give your thoughts on FacebookTwitter, and Google Plus and even here in the comments section.