I use WhatsApp calls quite often. Though the network signal is not available, it keeps me going on with a call (as I am having a WiFi connection). You do it too, don’t you?

But WhatsApp hasn’t introduced a feature to record WhatsApp calls till date. That may repel you from WhatsApp calling as many manufacturers included call recording option on the native app.

That’s why I have thought of coming up with an article on how to record WhatsApp calls on Android.

How to Record WhatsApp calls on Android Devices

As we are not equipped with a default call recording option, you should install a third-party app. Maybe, you guessed it!

Step #1. Pick your phone up and open Play Store. You know where you can access Play Store, don’t you?

Step #2. Search for Real Call Recorder on the top search field and press Enter or search button. Most probably, you will get a suggestion beneath the field. Just tap on the same.

Step #3. Press the Install button right away. If you have a decent internet connection, the installation will be done at once as the app is only 5.5 MB in size.

N.B:- Too lazy to get yourself out there to search for the app? Click this direct link and you will be there for a second.

Step #4. Once you finish with the installation, open the app from the home screen icon or after tapping the app drawer.

Step #5. Tap on the WhatsApp icon from the first screen of the app to enable call recording. You can see all the apps that support calling there. In case you want to record every call on your phone, make sure you enable everything.

Step #6. Now that you have enabled the call recording feature, open WhatsApp and pick any contact to place a call. Ensure your call returns a response from the other end.

Step #7. You will not get any in-app notifications about the call being recorded (you can turn the notifications on from Real Call Recorder app, though).

Step #8. Open Real Call Recorder and, access the recordings list. You can see all the recorded calls there. Tap on any of them to play it.

Alternative App

If you find it unpleasant t go with Real Call Recorder, Messenger Call Recorder is another app that serves the purpose. Install the app, choose what calls to record, and place a call. There you go!

Wrapping Up

Don’t you know how to record WhatsApp calls now?

Maybe you can find out another third-party app outside the Play Store. But I recommend you use only the official app as it holds the least security risk.

Let’s hope for WhatsApp to add this feature into the app interface in case you are not a fan of third-party recording applications.

For the time being, use the apps I shared above and enjoy the seamless recording. Don’t forget to shoot a comment if you think anything goes wrong.