After allowing users to send and receive money via WhatsApp on Android and iPhone, Facebook has come up with another pleasant surprise for Android users in India. Now people can recharge their mobile numbers using Facebook for Android. This feature is available in India only; moreover, iOS users are deprived of recharging their smartphones using Facebook for iOS. Do you want to use Facebook to recharge your mobile number? Follow this quick guide to recharge mobile number using Facebook for Android.

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This new feature is available on the latest Facebook app; if you are still using the older versions, you should update your Facebook to its latest version to top-up your mobile. Facebook has used different nomenclatures like Mobile Recharge and Mobile Top-up. Without further ado, check this tutorial to recharge your mobile number from Facebook on your Android phones.

How to Recharge Mobile Number Using Facebook for Android

How to Recharge Mobile Number Using Facebook for Android

When you have downloaded the latest version of Facebook, follow the steps given below.

Step #1. Launch the updated Facebook app on your Android phone.

Step #2. Now tap on hamburger icon (menu) from the top right corner of your phone screen.

Step #3. Scroll down and tap on Mobile Recharge option.

AS mentioned above, Facebook also uses Mobile Top-up nomenclature in some versions. If the option is not found on the general screen, you need to dig deeper and tap on “See More.”

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Step #4. When you are in the Mobile Recharge option, you will be greeted with a welcome screen that shows your credit or debit cards details (in case you have used Facebook Ads in the past).

Step #5. Here, you have to tap on Recharge Now button.

Facebook prompts you to type in your mobile number.

Facebook will select the mobile operator automatically. You can do this manually if the app fails to do so; just tap on Select Operator drop-down menu.

Step #6. Then you are supposed to enter recharge amount.

You will be surprised to know that Facebook has already listed available recharge packs for your mobile number. Tap on Browse Plans to see different recharge packs.

Step #7. Once you choose the pack or recharge amount, you will be landed on Order Details screen.

You can select your credit card or debit card added to your Facebook account previously.

Step #8. Hit the Place Order button.

You will be prompted to enter an OTP or a 3D secure password to complete the recharge process.

Finally, the app will send you a confirmation receipt.

As of now, Facebook doesn’t support Internet banking, UPI or any other payment methods to recharge your mobile number from Android device. Moreover, you cannot integrate any other eWallets to your Facebook account for this purpose.

That’s all friends!

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