The Messenger app of Facebook is always improving its user experience. While it makes your communication super comfortable, it also lets the sender know you have read his/her message. A sender (the person with whom you are chatting) gets a read-receipt when you open and read the message. What if you want to secretly read the message without being seen on Messenger? There are a couple of tricks you can follow on your iPhone and Android phone to read Facebook messages without being seen on Messenger.

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One way is to hide your Active status in Facebook Messenger on Android and iPhone. But this will prevent your important contacts from sending a chat request. With smart gadgets, you have to become smart. Check the three different methods given below to prevent the sender from knowing that you have read the message on Facebook Messenger.

How to Read Facebook Messages without Being Seen on Messenger

How to Read Facebook Messages without Being Seen on Messenger

Read Messages on the Notification Screen

One of the easiest ways is to read messages on the notification screen itself. Whenever you receive a message on Messenger app, your Android or iPhone will show a notification on the screen – whether locked or unlocked. You can always read small messages like, “hey, what’s up? How are you? Are you at home?” etc. For such messages, you are not supposed to unlock your device and open the app to read it. And if you don’t open the app, you don’t send a read-receipt – simple!

For this, you need to enable banner notifications on your device.

On your iPhone: Settings → Messenger → Notifications → Show as Banners under ALERTS.

Enable banner notifications on iPhone

While you are here, also select ‘Temporary’; following this, your Messenger notifications will appear at the top of the screen and go away automatically. Moreover, tap on Show Previews under OPTIONS and check that ‘Always’ is selected.

On your Android phone: Settings → Apps → Application list → Messenger → Notifications → turn on Allow notification dot.

Enable banner notifications on Android Phone

Put Your Android/iPhone in Airplane mode

When you put your smartphone on an Airplane mode, your device is disconnected from the Internet, which is the apple of discord. So, it is advisable to put your iPhone or Android phone in Airplane mode or flight mode and quickly read those messages. Since your phone is not connected to mobile data or Wi-fi network, the sender doesn’t know you have read the message, as s/he doesn’t get a read-receipt.

Put Android Phone or iPhone in Airplane mode

Use your Laptop or Desktop Computer

Chrome and Firefox offer third-party extensions/add-ons that can help you secretly read the messages without the sender knowing about it.

Unseen on Chrome

Step #1. Open Chrome browser on your Mac or Windows computer.

Step #2. Now click on the Apps icon from the upper left corner.

Step #3. Next, click Web Store from the list of options.

Step #4. Enter ‘Unseen’ in the search field; you will find Unseen for the Facebook extension.

Enter Unseen in search field to find Facebook extension on Chrome

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Click ADD TO CHROME button to add the extension to Chrome.

Click on Add to Chrome in Chrome Browser

A dialog box will ask you to confirm your action; click Add extension.

Click on Add extension to Add Unseen in Chrome Browser

You have successfully added Unseen, which will automatically block read receipts being sent to the sender when you open the message.

You can see white Yin and Yan in a blue circle; click on that extension and you will get various options to gain better control over how Messenger can be used.

Click on extension for various options to gain better control on Messenger

Message Seen Disable on Firefox

Message Seen Disable is an Add-on you can use in Firefox to stealth-read the messages you receive on Facebook Messanger.

Step #1. Launch Firefox browser on your computer.

Step #2. Next, click on hamburger icon in the upper right corner and then click Add-ons from the drop-down list.

Click on hamburger icon and Select Add-ons in Firefox browser

Step #3. Now click on See more add-ons!.

Click on See more add-ons in Firefox browser

Step #4. Then you need to search ‘Message Seen Disable’ add-on in the search field.

Search Message Seen Disable add-on in the Firefox Browser search field

Step #5. Finally, click the Add to Firefox button.

click the Add to Firefox button in Firefox Browser

This add-on allows you to turn off Facebook’s Message Seen feature automatically for your account.

That’s all friends!

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