Having a twitter account can prove to be a valuable marketing tool. Sometimes we don’t realize that and often deactivate our twitter account to take a sabbatical from social media.

However, we realize it sooner that it is not that bad to have a twitter account up and running. So if you are looking to know how to reactivate twitter account, you have come to the right place. Follow our step by step guide to proceeding.

Caution: You get 30 days to reactivate your twitter account prior to deactivation. After 30 days period, the account data will be lost forever and you can only create a new account in that case.

How to Reactivate your Twitter Account

Step #1. Open the twitter ‘log in’ page on your web browser and simply enter your details as you used to log in with earlier.

Step #2. Enter your “Account name” or your email address, whichever you remember. Next, type in your “Password.” Click on the button to log in. You will automatically be logged in and you can go to the homepage to see that you have reactivated your account successfully.

Step #3. If the Step #2 does not reactivate your twitter account, then there might be an issue with the password. Go to the password reset page on twitter and click on that link. All the details along with instructions will be received in your mail box. Make sure you check the email associated with your twitter account.

Step #4. Reset your password using the link in the mail and by following all the instructions. If you are still unable to reactivate it then you might encounter another error that says “recovery is temporary disabled”.

Step #5. At times, twitter is down and it shows the message that recovery is disabled. If you are nearing your 30 days period of account reactivation, then your wait will end up in losing your twitter account forever.

In that case, you can request the technical support team at twitter to help you in urgent reactivation. They will provide you with a form, just fill in your account related details and your twitter account will get reactivated.

Step #6. If nothing works out, then twitter has a dedicated page to help with account reactivation issues. So go to the “Accounts restore Help Page” and follow the step by step instructions to reactivate your account.

Step #7. Also, once you have successfully reactivated your twitter account, you may notice some changes in the follower count etc. You may also notice that your tweets as well other details are not displayed correctly.

This usually happens in the case of reactivation and is a common problem, so no need to panic. Simply wait it out for 48 hours. 48 hours are taken by twitter to restore your account completely.

Your account details and correct numbers will appear after 24 hours at most. In case that does not happen after 48 hours then it is recommended to contact the support agent at twitter for further help.

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Deactivating your twitter account is a bold step but in case you have changed your mind, you can always reactivate it. Our step by step instructions will help you know how to reactivate twitter account before the grace period of 30 days has not expired.