In all new Samsung Galaxy S8, if we compare it to other Galaxy models like Galaxy S6 and S7, the camera app was available through double pressing the physical home button, whether the screen is off or on. But since Galaxy S8 doesn’t have the physical home button we need to know how we can quickly launch the camera.

In this new smartphone, you can launch the camera app just by pressing the Power button twice, and you will be asked whether to Keep On or Turn Off the camera when you first use it.

Just in case if you by mistake you dismiss this helpful shortcut and want to change it then there is an easy way to enable it again. Here is how you can do that.

How to Enable the Galaxy S8 Camera quick launch

Step #1. Go to Settings panel and then tap on ‘Advanced Features.’

Step #2. Tap on the ‘Quick launch Camera’ shortcut to enable the option.

This is it! Now you can re-access the quick launch of camera shortcut on Galaxy S8.

You must be wondering that the process to quick launch the Galaxy S8 camera with the power button is easier than you thought. So, if you to go through the process then do share your experience here in the comments section.