Have you been traveling recently or are a photo-crazy? You might have had used panorama mode on your smartphones a lot if you love capturing wide-size photographs. And also, you might have tried uploading the same on Instagram, but it doesn’t fit, right? And there is no point in uploading just a part of such beauties as that holistic feel is lost. But, you also do not want to miss the chance to upload it to your Instagram profile and share it with your online communities.

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Keeping this issue being faced by many, we have this article that guides you through a step by step tutorial to post panorama photos on Instagram on Android phone without losing its charm.

There are many apps like Swipeable (for iOS), Panorama for Instagram: InSwipe, and Pannify for Android users to dissect your image for uploading.  This tutorial will guide you to upload a panorama picture on Instagram using the Panorama for Instagram: InSwipe Android app. It is one of the best apps to upload panorama photos on Instagram.

How to Post Panorama Photos on Instagram on Android Phone

How to Share Panorama Photos on Instagram on Android Phone

Step #1. First off, download the Panorama for Instagram: InSwipe app from Google Play store.

Step #2. Once the app is installed, open it. Tap on the Gallery option.

Open InSwipe Android App and Tap on Gallery

Step #3. Choose the panorama photo by browsing your gallery.

Select the Panorama photo on Android Gallery

Step #4. After choosing the panorama photo, you can split it into any number of photos (as per your wish) as with each photo the number of splits can vary. By default, InSwipe splits the image into three photos.

InSwipe Android App splits the photo into three photos

Step #5. After finalizing the number of splits, Tap on the tick mark icon at the top right corner of your app.

Tap on Tick mark icon in Android InSwipe App

Step #6. Tap on Save to download the photos in your Gallery.

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Tap on Save in Android InSwipe App

Step #7. Next up, Open Instagram app on your Android phone and select Plus button at the bottom.

Tap on Plus button in Android Instagram App

Step #8. Tap on Multiple Icon and choose the three square photos which you made with Panorama for Instagram: InSwipe app, then tap Next to continue.

Tap on Select Multiple icon and then choose three split photos and tap on Next in Android Instagram App

Step #9. Now, apply a different filter as per your choice and then tap on Next to continue.

Apply a different filter and tap on Next in Android Instagram App

Step #10. Type in your caption and then tap on Share to upload your panorama photo.

Type in caption and then tap on Share to upload your panorama photo on Instagram on Android

It is LIVE on Instagram!

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I hope, this answers your queries and you can start to upload panorama photographs right away. Loved this article? Stay connected with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to read more such guides.