It doesn’t matter how many bug fix and updates YouTube app on your iPhone or iPad makes you are still not able to play the YouTube in background. Either this is a deliberate ploy by Apple or it is something which we are not able to understand but this issue we don’t find any way out for this, and that is a fact. But if your YouTube app doesn’t allow your favorite music played on background then the other tool we have is Safari.

Yes iPhone’s very own Safari browser will now come to our rescue and this app will let us hear our favorite music even when you are using another app or your phone is locked. The trick we are going to suggest now can be applicable on both iPhone and iPad using iOS 10. We certainly know how to turn off Autoplay in YouTube on iPhone now let’s know how we can play YouTube videos in background.

How to Play YouTube Videos in Background on iPhone or iPad in iOS 10

Step #1. Launch the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad.

Step #2. Go to and open the video you wish to play in the background.

Step #3. Tap on the selected video to play it.

Step #4. Press the Home button and let the video pause automatically.

Step #5. Swipe the Control Center up from the bottom of your screen, then swipe left to go to music preferences

Step #6. Tap on the Play button to resume your video.

This is it! You are done with the process and now enjoy your music on YouTube even when it is running in the background in iPhone and iPod in iOS 10. Trust along with this trick you are already aware of certain Keyboard shortcuts for watching YouTube on your PC as well.

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