After knowing about Xbox Play Anywhere initiative have you ever wished to play Windows store games offline on Windows 10? If yes then let us inform you that your wish has been answered. By keeping in mind the Xbox One hitting the markets this fall; Windows have introduced many Windows 10 offline games. Here you will know how to play Windows store games offline of Windows 10.

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As Microsoft has started to develop its latest Windows 10 over the past few months, it has surely become a universal platform. Windows have tried to bring out the best out of their apps and certainly of their gaming functions as well. But before you start following the process of playing Windows games offline you need to do some pre-planning.

How to Play Windows Store Games Offline in Windows 10

Now Play Windows Store Games Offline on Your Windows 10 Enabled PC

We feel that before you know about the gaming process you should know some of the limitations about it which is important for you. By learning about these limitations you will get the better gaming experience as a given.

  • When you are playing an offline supported game, the Xbox achievements will be disabled and will only be enabled when you go online and get connected with Xbox Live.
  • Similarly, any form of unlocking a new level will be confirmed only when you return online. Till then the new level will be held back. Yes, the offline achievement progress will certainly be counted, so don’t worry.
  • Without an active internet connection, Cloud saves will also be not possible. Hence, you have to make sure that you download the latest progress of your Xbox One games and then go offline to play the games. Cloud will not sync with Xbox One console in absence of an active internet.
  • Any interconnected storefronts like leaderboards update and also playing with online multiplayer will not work at all in any of these offline games.

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How to Play Windows Store Games Offline in Windows 10

To make Windows 10 games available to play offline, make sure that you get your PC ready for it. Please also take note that while you make your PC ready for this, keep the internet connection ON because then only these changes can be applied. Once you are ready with these pre-conditions, follow the steps below.

Step #1. Follow this path Start → Settings → Update & Security → Windows Update and check whether your Windows 10 is ready with the latest updates or not.

Step #2. Open the Windows Store.

Step #3. Click on ‘Me’ icon which you will find on the top right corner of your screen. (Your Profile Picture)

Click on Profile icon

Step #4. Go to Settings menu.

Go to Settings menu

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Step #5. Toggle the “Offline Permissions” to ON under the Settings menu.

Toggle the "Offline Permissions" to ON

Important Points to Note

Above settings will now enable you to play Windows Store Games offline on Windows 10. There are few important things which you must note before start enjoying these games offline.

  • Once you set offline games by following the steps given above that very PC will become the ‘designated PC’ to play games offline. Remember, you are allowed to change the designated PC only thrice-a-year, so be wise.
  • You need to play the game on your Xbox Live account at least once to play it offline on Windows 10. So play those games one by one at least for once, which you wish to play offline in the due course.
  • There is no stipulated time limit on how longer you have to play a game on Xbox Live. So you may just open a game and then allow it to load properly so the game gets linked with your Xbox account.

If these steps and advice are followed properly then you will certainly know how to play Windows Store games offline in Windows 10. How was your experience? We would certainly like to know about it; so kindly give your views on Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus or here in the comments.

Happy gaming!