In recent articles, we have talked about few of the best Google Home tips and tricks and shared a complete list of Google Home Commands. Today, in this article we will talk about the latest feature that Google Home Supports.

The popularity of Netflix is going skywards, and thus it is a right time to know how you can control your Netflix just by using your voice via this awesome gadget called Google Home.

Google has introduced a new feature, which helps to play Netflix shows on TV using Google Home. And this tutorial is for the same to guide you “How to Play Netflix Shows on Your TV using Google Home”.

How to Play Netflix Shows on Your TV using Google Home

Step by Step Guide to Play Netflix Shows on TV using Google Home

If you are already using various music services on Google Home, then you will probably find it easy to connect your Netflix account with Chromecast device and then control it via Google Home. Here is how you can do that.

Step #1. Launch Google Home app on your Android or iOS smartphone.

Step #2. Next, Tap on the hamburger (three horizontal lines) menu on the top left of your screen and then select ‘Devices’.

Step #3. Now, Tap on the action overflow button on the top right corner of the screen and select ‘Settings.’

Step #4. Tap on ‘More’ and then select Videos and photos by scrolling down.

Step #5. Under ‘Netflix’ tap on ‘Link’ and then select ‘Link Account.’

Step #6. Finally, Enter your Netflix Login ID and Password in given space and then tap on ‘Sign in and Link’ option.

Note: You may have to sign in to your Netflix twice before it can get linked. At any point of time if you wish to delink the Netflix from Google Home, just go to ‘Videos and photos’ menu by following the steps above again and select ‘Unlink’ under Netflix.

How to Play Your Favorite Netflix Show by Using Google Home

Pairing Google Home with Chormecast and Netflix is one thing and playing your favorite Netflix shows is another. So let us know how you can use commands to make your Netflix watching even more pleasurable.

  • Say, “Ok Google, Play ‘House of Cards’ on [add Chromecast name]
  • If Google Home doesn’t understand the exact name of the show and starts playing something else, then say “OK Google, Play ‘The Crown’ on Netflix on [Chromecast name].

This is it! Isn’t it simple to connect and watch your favorite Netflix shows? Do share your views on this tutorial on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or here in the comments section.