Barely a few months back world’s biggest photo-sharing app Snapchat announced the launching of Snapchat Spectacles. We have already learned what more you can do with your Snapchat spectacles and now it is time to know how you can pair your Snapchat spectacles with iPhone and Android.

Apart from pairing the Snapchat spectacles with your iPhone and Android phones you can do plenty of more things with it. Just pair Snapchat Spectacles with your iPhone or Android Phone and start using it. Here is a full guide from pairing to recording video using this device.

How to Pair and Use Snapchat Spectacles with iPhone and Android

Step #1. Turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone and Android.

Step #2. Launch the Snapchat app on your iPhone and Android and tap on Snapchat ghost icon.

Step #3. Press the scannable Snapchat code to pair your Snapchat spectacles with your device.

How to Snap (record) videos with spectacles

Step #1. Tap on the top left corner of your Snapchat spectacles to start recording the video.

Step #2. The recording will be stopped after 10 seconds so tap again to continue.

Note: Snapchat spectacles can record maximum 30 seconds video.

How to edit and Share Snapchat Videos on iPhone and Android

The videos you have recorded on your Snapchat spectacles are saved in your smartphone’s Snapchat app’s Memories section and then under the Specs tab. To transfer those videos to your smartphones iPhone users can use Bluetooth whereas Android users can use both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

You can also edit your videos and then share them directly with your friends on social media via the Snapchat app.

Charging the Snapchat spectacles and Battery Indicator

The Snapchat Spectacles come with a dedicated charging case, so when you join this charging case with cable it will automatically start charging. When this case is fully charged, it can charge your spectacles four times as per Snapchat’s claim. The inward-facing light in the spectacles will also work as a battery indicator, you need to double tap it and know how much battery you got for further recordings.


Hope you have now learned how you can pair the Snapchat spectacles either with your iPhone or the Android phone. Do share your experience with us in comments.