Good news for Google home users, now you can connect your Bluetooth speakers and play audio in sync using this exclusive feature available in Google Home Devices. Yes, you can now pair your Bluetooth speakers with Google Home, Home Mini, and Home Max easily. It is as effortless as it sounds.

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The main benefit of doing this is that you can use your Bluetooth device and experience a whole-home surround system. Google announced this feature as an extended feature that helps connect non-Home Devices with Google Home devices and enjoy a better audio quality. Another benefit is that pairing your Bluetooth speakers with Google Home devices will help you create Homegroups that fulfill your need for multi-room audio with an upgraded output. So, you get to play audio from Home device as well as Bluetooth speaker, simultaneously. Sounds cool, right? Let me show you how to pair Google Home to a Bluetooth speaker.

How to Pair Bluetooth Speaker with Google Home, Mini and Home Max

How to Pair and Connect Bluetooth Speaker with Google Home, Home Mini, and Home Max

Before connecting with Google Home devices, make sure your Bluetooth speaker has a Bluetooth 2.1 version or higher and is in pairing mode.

Step #1. Open the Google Home app on your Smartphone.

Step #2. Tap on “Devices” button at the top right corner of the app.

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Step #3. Select the Google Home device which you want to pair the Bluetooth speaker.

Step #4. Tap on the menu (three dots) at the top right corner of the Google home card and select the Settings option.

Step #5. Scroll down and select Default Speaker under Sound Settings

Step #6. Tap on “Pair Bluetooth speaker.”

Step #7. Wait for few second, Ones it finds will appear in a list. Select the speaker you want to pair with your Google Home.

Once connected, start playing your favorite list of music or audio files.

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Hope you enjoyed the guide and paired your Bluetooth speaker with Google Home and Mini. If you get any problem while Pairing Bluetooth speaker, you can directly shot comments here or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.